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When it comes to eSports betting there are tons of markets that you can bet on. Some bookmakers may refer to markets as bet types. Some of them might confuse you, but don’t worry we got you covered. Let’s have a comprehensive look into some of the renowned betting markets in eSports.

  • Money Lines
  • Handicap Lines
  • Totals
  • Propositions (prop bets)

Money Line eSports Betting

This market is not only common in eSports but is popular in every betting franchise. In this market, you predict the winner of the match. These bet types are the best way to figure out the odds of the match. All you have to is bet on the winner and the odds will tell you how much money you will make when you win.

Handicap winner

If one of the games include a heavy favorite, then you will see a handicap bet. Let’s say team 1 is a big favorite against Team 2 which is quite weak, in a best of 5 series. Then you might see handicap bet type where you will choose between team 1 victory by 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2. This is one of the most popular bets and is also quite risky. Therefore, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the game before investing your money.

These handicap bets vary from one title to another. For example, in a game like CS: GO you might see handicap bets on the winner of a series or the numbers of rounds won in a game. Meanwhile, in MOBA titles, like Dota 2 or LoL you might get to bet on the number of games won in a series or simply pick the total sum of odd or even kills within a game.

eSports Betting on totals

In contrast to picking out the overall winner of the game of a series, some bookmakers will offer you to bet on some particular stats of the game. These include total rounds, total points, total kills and total maps played. These might fall in the category of over and under bets. Here’s how to pick a certain stat and predict whether it will be over a or under a particular limit. Let’s have a look at an example of a Dota 2/LoL game where a bet option pops up of “over 40.5 kills”. In this market, you will win if the total number of kills are over 41 or more and lose if the total is 40 or less. In this market, the winner of the matches will not matter at all.

Proposition Bets (Prop Bets)

This is one of the most exciting options in the eSports betting world. Since here you wager on crazy statistics of the game like:

  • Will there be a pause of over five minutes in the game?
  • Will the game last for over 30 minutes or not?
  • Which tell will get the first blood or first tower of the game?
  • How many kills will a player get in a single round or a series?

These bets offered by the best bookmakers to give something special to their member. If you have knowledge of eSports then we really recommend you to try this bet. It will offer decent cash while having fun at the same time.

Here are some of the most reliable eSports betting options that we recommend you to try.

The classic bank transfers

It is one of the most popular means of payment method that is offered by well-established bookmakers. Bank transfer is quite easy and secure to use. Here you can simply transfer your funds from your bank account to the eSports betting site. Yet with all these perks, it comes with a slight disadvantage that you will have to wait for your transaction to complete for up to three days. If you are a man of patience and are not interested to learn other methods than bank transfer is the best option for you.

Making deposits with a credit card

Only a handful of bookmakers will offer quick bank transfer while most of will make you wait. So, it is only in our best interest to find another method for you that will make your transactions quicker. One of the reliable ways to do that is with a credit card. The main advantage of using a MasterCard or Visa is that it will only take a few second to credit the amount to the eSports betting site. It will take only a few minutes to sign up and start eSports betting on your favorite teams. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t come with a disadvantage. Since the bookmakers tend to make a few cuts from the total amount transferred. Moreover, there might be another annual cut from your winnings. So be prepared to have cuts in your instant funds’ transfer.

The online payment options

One of the best modern-day options is online payments. These include e Wallets like Paypal and Skrill. This service started a few years ago and with time has become quite popular. If you are someone who wants an extra layer of security on your credit card and is not willing to wait for ban transfers then it is the best option. These cards are globally accepted to make your transfers quick and safe. The previously mentioned PayPal and Skrill are one of the most common ways to make an online deposit.

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