VIE.GG Review: Esports Betting Experience 2020

Introduction is one of the latest eSports betting exchange site. The website works slightly different than other betting sites. allows you to bet against the other user but not to the bookmakers. That is the reason that has a better chance of their odds to be working more. The website was not open to UK gamers back in the year 2017, but then, decided to expand the business in European countries as well. So, in early 2018, they decided to start providing their services in the UK as well.

There are multiple benefits available for the users of You can have risk free first bet as you can refund up to €20. The website is also famous for its drastic number of eSports tournament coverage and providing multiple betting opportunities. also provides complete guidance on how to place your bet against other customers. There are plenty of videos available for the general users through which they can learn the method of betting for their favorite eSports. Live chatting has also been included in the website so that people can easily get rid of their doubts. Multiple numbers of payment methods are included in the website and are made really safe so people can trust and put their money into the accounts for betting.

For our review, we have gathered some of the criteria on which we will rate the website.

In-Game Betting

There are a lot of betting websites which doesn’t allow you to bet for your games of their tournament has already started. But, there are some of the biggest websites like Betway who provides the in-game betting feature. competes very decently with these giant websites. They allow you to bet for your favorite eSports while their tournaments are started. allow you to bet for some of the biggest betting games like Counter Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends and PUBG. Players around the globe can enjoy betting for their favorite games during their biggest tournaments like The International for Dota 2, Battle Arena for League of Legends and much more.

Signing Bonuses knows how to attract the best audience by providing a very appealing offer for new customers. If you are a new member of the website you will have to make a bet of €20 or more within the first week. The best part of it is that you don’t have to worry about losing the bet, as you can refund the lost bet. However, if you win the first bet, you will get the winning amount but if you lose, you can have the extra bets for up to €20. Finally, you get 14 days to use these extra bets and then withdraw your amount accordingly.

Payment Methods

Like any other eSports betting site, provides you the best safety, so that you can add your money into your online account. The website does not only allow you to pay through credit or debit card but there are multiple online methods through which you can add balance to your account. Some of the most trusted manners for paying like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and VISA has been used by for the general audience to submit their money to their accounts for betting. You can make a deposit between €5 and €1,000 at a time. The method of payment is provided on the basis of your location. For instance, if a customer is from a country where Skrill doesn’t work, won’t provide support for Skrill for that particular client.

Better Odds

One of the best thing about is that it provides you much broader odds. Unlike other betting websites where a user has to place a bet with a fixed bookmaker and follow the odds accordingly, at, you can place your bets against the other players and have much bigger rewards. Placing bets against players like you, you can define your own odds and win even more. If you win a big amount at, your opponent has to back the odds on the other team. imposes a 5% on your winning amount and if nobody takes you on your bet when they don’t charge you any fee and you can have all the money.

List of eSports needs to be commended on covering so many eSports under one website. Some of the biggest eSports that are covered by and are most popular for betting are like Dota 2, League of Legends, CS GO and Overwatch. also include PUBG, Tekken, Super Smash Bros Melee, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, StarCraft II, Street Fighter V, Artifact and even Hearthstone. This wide range of eSports catches all the audience there is.

Security is considered to be very safe when it comes to payment or storing your personal details. The website holds the license from the Government of Curacao for customer protection. The brand also has the Kahnawake Gaming Commission of Canada which makes it even more secure. The website is throughout HTTP encrypted, that means all the information you share on the website is encrypted and safe. The fact that has links to one of the greatest gambling organization GamCare, which means your betting limits and information stays in control.

User Interface uses a slightly different layout than the other eSports betting websites. The layout is considered to be very friendly as they have placed every feature at the right spot. From the login button to the main menu bar, everything is placed just in front so that every new user can easily interact with the website. The most famous eSports for betting are placed right on top so the user should know where to bet more and where not to. Every feature is handled very gently and the website is really optimized as it loads within seconds.

Customer or Service Providers doesn’t provide you any official phone number where you can call for your queries but they have provided you with the coolest feature of live chat. By joining the live chat, you can talk to the customer providers and ask your questions to the general public too. You can also email for further queries. The brand has also given their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page where you can contact them and ask them anything you want to. has also provided a lot of videos through which you can learn how to bet and how to earn money. Every new user can easily go through the videos and use the website without any misleading. The brand has also provided you with an FAQ’s section where people ask multiple questions to the community and service providers. A user can simply go through the FAQ’s and check if their desired question is in there or not.


When it comes to limiting your bets and how much can you earn through a betting site, is the best answer to overcome all these. The major difference between limitation of the betting in and other websites is that you don’t bet against a bookmaker, rather you bet against another person. So, the website doesn’t have to pay for you. It’s the person on the other side of the bet who will be paying for it. As a matter of fact, doesn’t limit you on any kind of profit you make through a single bet. You can earn as much as you want, as it is between you and the other customer but not between you and the company.

For the better review, we have gone through the terms and conditions and the FAQ’s section of the website to see if limits you on any kind of bet and if there is any limit to place a specific amount on a single bet.

Conclusion has been well known for its flexible betting on eSports. The website is new and covering the parts of the world where it is needed the most. It is very famous for its highly maintained user-friendly interface where anyone can use the website very easily. We have gone through the website thoroughly and given it a fair review. According to our review, the website has earned 7 out of 10, which are quite good for a new website in an industry like eSports.

The website has gained so much respect in a very short period of time because of its amazing strategies and facilities. Its security of never losing the first bet, multiple signing bonuses, safe transactions, stunning customer support, a vast number of eSports, no limitations for winning and the best odds has made the website favorite for a lot of audiences.

The website is spreading its targeted audience every day. They are also implementing some casino games too so that the audience from this side could also join the community. If you are new in eSports betting business, is highly recommended for you because of its first safe play.

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