Pixel.bet Review: Esports Betting Experience 2020

Pixel.bet is a new bookmaker that specializes in eSports. The eSports betting section at Pixel.bet has been available since mid-2018.  Pixel.bet is a very good investment for eSports fans who love to bet on their favorite games. New customers are lured with two bonus offers: For the registration, there is a free Euro bonus. For the first deposit, a 100 percent bonus up to 50 euros is offered. Let’s have a comprehensive look into the services offered by the bookmaker, and how beneficial it can be for your valuable time and money.

Game offer – the big classics are the focus

The following games are currently being offered at Pixel.bet: League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2, CS: GO, Starcraft 2 Overwatch, FIFA, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and King of Glory. This is an illustrious selection and it should be more than enough to satisfy the demands of most eSports fans. Only a few top providers have an even bigger selection of games. The eSports bets at Pixel.bet are quite impressive. It is good to see that all major titles are available meanwhile the platform also focuses on the emerging ones. It is a very crucial element to keep the members of the site happy and satisfied. So that if some titles make its way into the industry, then they won’t have to look any further then Pixel.bet.

Available bet types for the different games

Veteran titles League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2, CS: GO and Starcraft 2 are very heavily promoted by Pixel.bet. Since they include tons of betting markets, like the match winner, the league winner, and the overall tournament winners. To keep its members satisfied and engaged, the platform also offers interesting handicap bets, like which player/team will get the first blood, how many matches will be played in a series, odd/even kills in a match and so much more. Not many new bookmakers offer such types of handicap bets in the early days. It is great to see that the site working hard to keep its members up to date with all the interesting offers.

Are there live bets or do you have to commit before the match?

In our experience, a decent number of competitions are offered in the live betting area. The selection of betting options tends to be slightly bigger than pre-match betting. The eSport bets on Pixel.bet in the live area are not limited to the major games: League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2, CS: GO and Starcraft 2. But it is in the great nature of things that these four are particularly more popular in the live betting area. The praiseworthy feature of the website is that most live betting offer also comes with a dedicated live streaming channel. The platform ensures that you won’t miss a single second of the action while you keep making live bets.

Does Pixel.bet offer more betting options besides the Esports?

At Pixel.bet currently, only eSports bets are offered which is a great way to show its dedication towards the eSports industry. There are numerous bookmakers who offer not only eSports betting but also sports betting on many other sports, such as football, basketball and ice hockey. Many of the major bookmakers, who traditionally did not offer eSports, now have a small or large eSport portfolio. At the moment Pixel.bet has decided to offer only eSports bets. Maybe this will change in the future, but currently, you have to be active at other betting providers if you want to place additional sports betting on other sports. We believe that this is a great thing that the platform is putting so much emphasis on the eSports. Since other bookmakers who offer traditional sports tend to neglect some important tournaments which is not a good feature when it comes to promoting the eSports section. This dedication of Pixel.Bet shows that the site is here to compete in the long run.

Is the Esports area easy to find?

If you visit the homepage then on the top left edge of the screen you will see eSports section of ​​Pixel.bet. Once you click it, you can have a look at each individual title offered by the site and on the left edge of the screen, you will see some very exotic betting options including the odds. So, if you play your bets smartly, then you get maximum profit from the bookmaker.

How good are the Esports betting odds?

For a very young bookmaker, it is not easy to estimate the average odds ratio realistically. According to our current experience, we assume that Pixel.bet has an average odds ratio between 92 and 93 percent. We have also found a few bets that have a much higher odds quota. But we have barely found any eSport bets on Pixel.bet, well below 92 percent in the odds quota. Overall, the quota level seems solid for everyone who seeks to profit from eSports betting. It remains to be seen at what average value the quota bracket will settle in the long run. Another positive aspect of the bookmaker is that the odds it offers are close and sometimes even better than ones on the most popular bookmakers. This gives Pixel.bet a slight edge and shows that the platform is here to compete with the best of the industry.

Welcome bonus: 2 Euro for free and up to 50 Euro for the first deposit

To get started on pixel.bet you will get a 2 Euro bonus without deposit. However, this bonus offer has a catch: Before the first payout, the entire amount paid must be converted 10 times with a minimum quota of 1.7. That’s exactly the sales target for the first deposit bonus. In this respect, the bonus is only worthwhile for the customers who make a good deposit at the end and use the complete Pixel.bet welcome bonus. The sales target for the 100 percent bonus is that you will get up to 50 euros which is fine but is not quite outstanding.

The bonus period is generously set at Pixel.bet with 120 days. When converting the bonus, it should be noted that the maximum bonus amount is the original bonus amount. Higher bets do not make sense. If you pay too early, the bonus amount will be completely removed. The bonus will be converted real money only when the profit target is met at Pixel.bet. Overall, the welcome bonus of Pixel.bet is quite attractive. The free startup bonus is not as exciting as it might seem at first glance, but it’s also just a $ 2 bonus. This free bonus is always enough to get you started betting in this market.

Which payment methods are available?

Skrill, Trustly, Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer and Neteller are currently offered as payment methods at Pixel.bet. The selection is fine for a young eSports provider. But in the future, other payment methods like PayPal, and Giropay are likely to be announced. At Pixel.bet, deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly and reliably. This also distinguishes it as a reputable bookmaker. This is great to see since many new bookmakers make you wait for long periods to access your winnings.

Customer service

Pixel.bet has a customer service with a hotline. However, the hotline has a Maltese area code, so free calls are not possible. But with a corresponding area code for cheaper international calls should be no problem. Even better would be a free live chat, as it is now available at many bookmakers. Pixel.bet should improve at this point in order to raise the service to a higher level. The e-mail service works solid. Answers arrive within 24 hours. The professional competence of the staff at the hotline and e-mail support is good from our experience. They need to expand their services in order to compete with other established bookmakers of the industry.

Which licenses does the bookmaker have?

This bookmaker has a license from Curacao (Caribbean). However, the license is equivalent to the EU, but still might be prohibited in some countries of the region. However, the payments were always made reliably. Lastly, we encountered no customer complaints during our research.

So overall, we believe that Pixel.Bet is a very good arrival in the world of eSports betting. The site has it all: It offers a decent variety of titles, holds good quotas and entertains its members by offering bonuses. So, we strongly recommend you to join it. They have a great set of deposit and withdrawal options so you won’t have any problem to access your winnings. Yes, their customer services are limited but they will only improve with time.

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