Luckbox Review: Esports Betting Experience 2020

Luckbox is one of the most exclusive online gaming websites. The website is famous for providing numerous eSports options for betting. It is also available in different languages which makes it very versatile and easy to use around the globe. The website has received its license under the Online Gambling Regulations Act 2001. This license is from the Isle of Man and is incorporated under number 013857V. 

Luckbox is one of those online betting websites, which has posted its creators and directors on their website. It is considered highly safe and secure. People under 18 are not allowed at the website to make an account or take part in any kind of gambling. 

The website is also famous for its bonuses and the high-end range of eSports offered. Some of the games offered at Luckbox are CS: GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, League of Legends, Call of Duty, King of Glory, and many more. Luckbox is very much active with all kinds of tournaments for each of the games and provides the best odds. 

Another cool feature at Luckbox is the “News” tab. Under this tab, you may find all your concerned and fresh news. For each news, the game has been mentioned so you may find your desired article very easily. 

Luckbox Headquarters & Contact

Luckbox’s headquarter is located in the Isle of Man. Although the company is spread worldwide, they only have one physical location so far. The headquarter is open 24/7 and you can contact them any time and any day. Moreover, the company hasn’t shared any plans for building a new site.

As Luckbox is operating 24/7, they provide contact support that is available for your help every time and every day. They have put a “Contact us” button on their website and if you press it, your computer’s default emailing software will open with the email recipient already mentioned. They have also put a help center link on the website through which you can contact them as well. You can find any kind of ambiguity solved in the help center. Just select the nature of the problem you are facing and all the related articles or helping text will appear.

Luckbox Betting License

Luckbox is considered legal as it is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission under a license issued under the Online Gambling Regulations Act 2001 on 26th April 2018. The license is incorporated under the number 013857V. This license is very well known in the gambling world and is legal in a lot of places. While registering at Luckbox, you must check the license and laws of your country as it may be illegal in your country. 

The company follows all the legal laws and doesn’t allow any user to sign up if they are not 18 or above. Luckbox also restricts all the users to take part in any kind of betting if they are below 18. 

Pros and Cons of Luckbox

Everything in the world comes with some pros and cons. Just like all other gambling websites, there are some pros and cons to Luckbox as well. 


  • The website has a very friendly interface that helps new users to navigate between the pages very easily
  • Luckbox uses a dark theme that is relaxing for a lot of users but it can be too depressing for some users as well
  • The classification of matches is done very nicely and a search bar is also available through which you can easily find your desired game very quickly
  • Luckbox provides very detailed information on each match and the markets available for betting are more in number than any ordinary betting website
  • The website is promoting the cryptocurrency and gamblers are taking full advantage of it
  • There are multiple bonuses available for new customers at Luckbox, so it is the best option to start your betting carrier with


  • As the website is new in the market, it doesn’t include all the major tournaments for every game
  • Some of the games are just available for live and upcoming matches only but their during their tournaments no new promotions are provided

Esports Games offered by Luckbox

Luckbox is uniquely based on eSports. The website is new in the market and has started providing numerous betting options already. The company is well focused on providing the best quality and covering all the famous games there can be. Right now, Luckbox is covering around 11 games in total. It’s not just all, for some of the most famous games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Call of Duty, Luckbox is covering all the major tournaments. The tournament coverage is not as ordinary as any other betting website, Luckbox provides the best odds during the major events of any famous game.  

On the other hand, for each game available at Luckbox, there are plenty of markets available for each match and you can bet on any of your kind. You can bet for a live match as well as the upcoming match. You can also look at all the results of your bet in a different section. As a whole, the games available at Luckbox are Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Starcraft II, Starcraft, King of Glory, Super Smash Bros, and Heroes of the Storm.

Luckbox Different than any other Betting Site

There are hundreds of online betting websites available. With each passing day, a new rival joins the market to compete with others. Many websites focus on as many games as they could. Some of the betting websites focus on eSports, Sports, Casino, and Poker. This kind of vastness often results in a lack of attention to each game. However, Luckbox only focuses on eSports betting. The website is new in the market and has already given a tough competition to its competitors. 

Unlike all the other betting websites, Luckbox has mentioned their directors and co-founders on the website which shows they are safe and legal. The company also holds a very strong betting license and has mentioned about it on the website, so every user can play without any risks.

Luckbox has another very unique feature. They offer discord chat on their website. You can join the discord for Luckbox where you can find your friends or companions betting with you. This makes the betting experience better than ever. There are a total of 11,683 members on the Luckbox discord channel. If you want to enjoy the betting more than ever, join the channel and get started. 

Registration at Luckbox

Luckbox Registration
The Registration Process at Luckbox is fast and easy


Just like all other online gambling websites, Luckbox attracts all its new customers with a welcoming bonus. As soon as you sign up at Luckbox, you get $5 credit in your account. This is done once you have verified all your account details. The bonus has all the terms and conditions just like any other gambling website. Bonus will expire in 1 week and you will have to wager some amount to get eligible for the bonus. 

Apart from the bonus, there are some terms and conditions for registering yourself at Luckbox. You need to be 18 years old or above to sign up. To validate your age, Luckbox asks for your credit card details that will be your Luckbox account in the future. Moreover, Luckbox asks you for a valid email address and a password for your account. You will need to validate your email for signing up. You will also need to tick the checkboxes for terms and conditions and above 18 age. 

Top League Betting at Luckbox

Luckbox is very prompt with its live and top league betting. Every live match going on pops up in the list of the eSports matches available. Similarly, every live and famous tournament going on is displayed right on top of all the eSports matches. You can also enjoy the live twitch stream for any of your favorite matches. 

Every time, different top league betting tournaments are going on at Luckbox. The tournaments are of different games and different categories. Luckbox provides better odds during a famous tournament to attract more customers. For Dota 2, WePlay! Pushka League is going on. This tournament is placed on top of all as it is going on live. On the other hand, for League of Legends, European Masters Spring 2020 is going on. At Luckbox, for each famous tournament, better odds are offered. 

Variety of Esports Markets

Luckbox is very unique with its ability to provide better markets than any other gambling websites. At Luckbox, the user interface is so friendly that you can find each market for your game very easily. Different games come with different eSports markets. Luckbox allows you to bet on all of them

Luckbox Dota 2

Dota 2 is a very vast multiplayer online battle arena. Every match of Dota 2 has 10 members and each member has different stats build. There can be numerous markets for each match of the game. Luckbox knows the importance and value of the game and tries to cover all the famous tournaments of the game. Similarly, Luckbox also provides better betting markets for Dota 2.

Overall Winner  Correct Score
Map Advantage Total Maps
Total Kills

Team to Score 50 kills

Odd/Even Kills

Team to Score 40 kills

Team to Score 30 kills How many Maps
First Roshan First Blood

Each of the markets is applied to every single game. Even if there is a series of 3 going on, Luckbox provides the best and outnumbered markets.

Luckbox LoL

League of Legends is one of the most famous multiplayer online battle arena game. The game is mainly famous for its multiple tournaments going on throughout the year. Luckbox knows the importance of the game and caters to all the major tournaments for LoL. For each game, there are different markets available at Luckbox for the users to bet more and bet better. Some of the markets are.

Map Winner Match Winner
Correct Score Map Advantage
Kills Advantage Map 1 Kills Advantage Map 2
Total Maps Total Kills
Total Kills Odd Total Kills Even
First Blood Map 1 First Blood Map 2
First Team to 10 kills First Team to 15 kills
First Team to 5 kills Each team to win at least one map in a full match
Team to Slay Baron Both teams to Slay a Dragon
Both Teams of Destroy an Inhibitor Team to destroy the first tower

We have never seen so many betting markets on a single game. Luckbox has a lot more to offer to its customers. 

Luckbox CSGO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most famous first-person shooting games. It is a new version of the very famous old Counter-Strike 1.6. The game is well known for its multiple tournaments throughout the year. CSGO is one of the games at Luckbox which has almost all the major tournaments covered. During the important matches or tournaments, Luckbox provides better odds for the customers so that they stick with the website. At Luckbox, every match of Counter-Strike has numerous markets available for betting. Some of the markets are as below.

Map Winner Round Winner
Round Advantage Total Rounds
Total Rounds Odd/Even Winner of Round 1
Winner of Round 16 Any Overtime?
Number of Headshots More Kills

There are plenty of more markets available for a CSGO match. Every match comes with different markets. It depends on the match and teams. Therefore, if you are betting at Luckbox, you have made the right choice.

Live Betting Option

Live betting is very demanding among online gambling users. Everybody wants to look at the changing odds and switch their bets while the match is still going on. At Luckbox, you get it all. Luckbox provides the best live betting experience. A live Twitch stream is available on the website for each live match. So, the user wouldn’t have to go and find their match specifically anymore. Just watch your match live at Luckbox and with the match moving on in a specific direction, check the odds moving as well.

Dota 2 Live Betting

At Luckbox, Dota 2 is one of the games with most tournaments catered. Throughout the year, Dota 2 tournaments keep taking place. Luckbox makes your Live Dota 2 betting experience better than ever. For all your favorite Live matches, you can find the Live Twitch stream attached to it where you can easily watch your match and bet on it. Along with the Twitch stream, the Twitch chat is also available that is going on Live and you can easily take part in the chat if you follow the channel that is streaming your match. Another exciting feature of Live betting at Luckbox is the stats. They provide you the performance of the last 12 months by both teams. Based on those stats, you can easily predict which team has better chances to win. 

This is not just all, Luckbox also provides its live Discord chat. Here you may chat with your friends or different channels while watching your live matches. Apart from all these cool features at Luckbox, you get the best betting odds as well. 

Right now, WePlay! Pushka League is going on for Dota 2 and Luckbox is covering every match. You can easily find all the live and upcoming matches at Luckbox. Better odds and high-end profits are available for each game. 

LoL Live Betting

League of Legends is very famous and one of the most played games ever. Luckbox knows the importance of the game and knows how much audience they can gather with it. To provide the best Live betting experience, Luckbox provides the best possible odds for each match. With each match, a Live Twitch stream is available so you don’t have to find your match separately and bet for it separately. You can view the odds changing with the Live match and you always place your bets vice versa. A live chatting option is also available that is linked through Twitch. So if you are following the channel that is streaming your match, you can participate in the Live chat as well. 

Moreover, you can have the last 12 months performance available as well. Under the statistics tab, you can analyze the performance of both the teams and can easily predict the winner of any upcoming match. This feature helps you win most of your bets.

These days, Brazilian Challenger Circuit 2020 is going on for League of Legends. Every live and upcoming match is available at Luckbox. You just need to select the LoL tab and you can find all your favorite matches available with best odds.

You can also join the Live Discord chat by Luckbox. During a live match, the Discord chat is also Live and you can talk to your friends while placing your bets and watching your match. 

CSGO Live Betting

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most played shooting games ever. The game is very famous and throughout the year, multiple tournaments take place. Luckbox knows the number of audiences associated with it because of CSGO and thus provides the best live betting experience. 

For each CSGO match, you can find the Live Twitch Stream attached to it. Every Live match pops up in the list of all the upcoming and past matches available at Luckbox. With every Live match, the name of the game is written so no user makes any error while betting for their match. Each betting market is available just below the Live Stream by Twitch, so while you watch your match, you can look at all the available markets and better odds. You can also look at the past 12 months’ performance of your favorite team and can bet accordingly. 

Currently, ESL Championnat National Summer 2020 is going on and Luckbox is thoroughly following it. Each match with different markets and odds is available on the website. You can easily find all the live and upcoming matches under the CSGO tab.

At Luckbox, you can also join the unique feature available, Discord chat. While you enjoy your live match, you can enter the Discord channel and can talk to your friend. So many betting facilities in one place were never seen before like this.

Live Betting Stream at Luckbox

Live streaming is one of the biggest assets of Luckbox. As the website is new in the market, it is not very easy and doesn’t offer too many gaming options to select from. They have firmly focused on their live betting experience. At Luckbox, you can have all the live matches popped-up in the list of all the upcoming and past matches. With each live match, the name of the game is available so you don’t have to face any difficulty looking for your favorite match. 

With each Live match, a Live Twitch Stream is available. This means that you can look at the exciting odds as well as enjoy your live match at the same time. You can also participate in the live chat option through Twitch. 

At Luckbox, you can also look at the stats of every team. They have recorded the last 12 months’ performance of each team and any user can have access to that. With that number of facilities, live betting has become better than ever. 

Odds on Luckbox

Luckbox is very famous for providing the best betting odds. Its wagering requirement is also not that much that it is possible to retrieve multiple kinds of bonuses. It’s not just all, during different famous tournaments, Luckbox provides even better odds to make loyal customers. For a better understanding of each game and odds, Luckbox provides the stats tab under each match. While looking at the past performances, anyone can better judge the odds and place a much more safe bet.

Live Odds at Luckbox

Luckbox’s live betting is very famous as it provides numerous options for making its live betting experience the best. For each match, the odds are written under it, and for the live matches, you can see the odds may differ. For each of the big tournaments, different kinds of promotions go live and you may get the advantage of even better odds. 

Multibet Combo at Luckbox

Luckbox provides the option of combo bet as well. It is the way through which you can earn big money within a matter of time. The losing side is just the same for it. At Luckbox, you can group several bets to increase the potential of winning. To do so, you need to add more than one bet to your bet slip. Once your bet slip has 2 bets, you will have the option to make your bet a combo. If you make your bet a combo, your odds will be multiplied. 

One more exciting criteria for combo bets is that you can join the bets from different tournaments and matches and can add up to 20 bets in a single combo. 

To better understand this, here is an example. If you have a combo bet with three selections of 4.0, 5.0, and 5.0 they would combine the odds to 100. This means if you bet 10 euros, you will win 1000 euros for it.  

One more exciting offer by Luckbox is available regarding the combo bet. If you fear that you will lose your money in a combo bet, you can avail of an offer that can get you your money back. For this kind of offer, you need to have 4 selections at least in your combo bet. If you lose in any of the combo selections, your money will be credited back to your account as a bonus. There are a few terms and conditions for this kind of combo bet.

  • You must play with your own money but not with the bonus money
  • Your combo must have 4 selections in it
  • The minimum stake should be $5
  • Each of the selection must have odds at least 1.2 and the total odds must be at least 2.0.

Payment Options on Luckbox

There are different methods available at Luckbox for the payment. If you want to deposit your money to your Luckbox account, you can do so with Credit/Debit card, Skrill, PaySafeCard, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton,, EPS, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency, and much more. Any of the options can be selected as the payment method at Luckbox. For the deposit and withdrawal at Luckbox, here are some of the rules.

Deposit at Luckbox

To deposit your money at Luckbox, you need to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, you need to log in to your account
  • Select the deposit tab
  • Select the deposit method you want to make your deposit through
  • Please note that, if you deposit your money, it must be wagered once to make any withdrawal in future

Withdrawal at Luckbox

To withdraw your money at Luckbox, you need to keep these points in your mind.

  • To make a withdrawal possible, you need to select the same method you made your deposit with
  • If your deposit method doesn’t allow the two-way transaction, you can withdraw using the bank transfer 
  • The bank transfer can be done to a bank account to your name if only bank transfers are supported in your country
  • The payment methods can be varied from country to country
  • For the withdrawal of the bonus, you need to wager some amount according to the bonus you have earned

Variety of Bonuses at Luckbox

Every online gambling website attracts its customers with multiple bonus offers. At Luckbox, there are bonuses available for you as well.

Luckbox Welcome Bonus

If you are a new customer, you have all the best chances to gain the amazing bonuses at Luckbox. When you sign up at Luckbox, you get $5 credited to your account. This is done only when you verify your email and account. There is another welcome offer as well. You can double your first deposit as well. It means if you deposit $50 for the first time, you will receive $50 as a bonus from Luckbox. 

Terms and Conditions for Welcome Bonus

There are a few terms and conditions for the welcome bonus at Luckbox.

  • Your $5 will be credited to your account only if you verify your account and email
  • To get the double the first deposit bonus, you need to enter the bonus code “GLHF”
  • There are multiple currencies accepted at Luckbox, the currency you use for the deposit, you get your bonus with the same currency
  • The minimum money to get the bonus is $5 and the maximum is $100
  • One deposit one household only

Luckbox UI Design

Luckbox is designed very finely. As it emphasizes on eSports only, every game is classified beautifully. For a better interface, Luckbox uses a black theme that is very easy looking at for a lot of customers. All the available games are mentioned at the top of the screen where any user can easily find their favorite game. Under this, all the past, live, and upcoming matches are available. Here the live matches are popped-up in the column so you can easily approach any live game. 

Luckbox Live Betting
Live Betting is a lot of fun due to integrated stream chatting and additional data on the teams


Luckbox uses the tab layout and under each tab, things are classified in a specific manner. The first tab is for Matches. Here, you can find the list of the matches available at Luckbox. The next tab is for the tournaments. Here, you can find all the live or upcoming tournaments for your favorite game. Under each tournament, all the matches are listed. The last tab is for the news, here you can find all the latest and related news to the games that are available at Luckbox. 

The navigation through pages is very easy and anyone can find their desired matches easily.

Luckbox Android Application

Luckbox is one of the online gambling websites that offer its mobile application as well. Most of the gambling websites do not use any mobile application and rather provide a mobile browser version of their website. However, Luckbox is new in the market and going very efficiently as they have offered the android application as well. 

You can download the mobile version of Luckbox and can get all the features available on the web. You can still have all the live betting experiences on your mobile with Luckbox. The stats box is still available which means they have not missed even a single thing from their desktop version.

For the mobile users, the Live stream link of Twitch is also available which means you can do it all with your mobile. If you don’t have the Luckbox application on your mobile, it doesn’t mean you cannot have access to the website. They have also made their mobile web version so responsive that you will not feel any trouble while using it.

The application is now available for Ios users as well. So, if you are using an iPhone, don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything. 

Privacy and Security at Luckbox

Luckbox has made it mandatory for it to safeguard your personal information when you visit its website. Luckbox is only eligible to collect the data you provide them. While filling multiple forms or contacting them for some issue, they might collect your data to analyze your problem properly and get you with the best solution. If you request any technical support from Luckbox, they will collect your personal information to get back to you in a better way. Personal information includes your full name, email address, home address, and your bank details.

Information collected through you is only used to enhance your personal experience at Luckbox. They keep and analyze your data to determine what you like the most and what should be shown to you. They also use your information to keep track of your interests and provide you with services and products. 

To detect all the illegal or suspicious activities, Luckbox keeps track of the bank accounts you have shared them with.

Luckbox will only disclose your personal information if it has to comply with any legal operation. This means that if you are accused of any fraud or theft and the government officials ask for your personal information or activities, Luckbox has the right to share it. 

All the data you share with Luckbox is stored on its secured servers. 

Customer Support Service at Luckbox

Luckbox doesn’t provide a clear method of contacting them. However, if you look into the website you can find that they have provided the contact us page, and email address, and a live chat option.

All the options are valid and working 24/7 for your help. Live chat is the best and fastest option to remove ambiguity. On the other hand, you can always send them an email where you will have to wait for the response. In both cases, you will get the help you want from Luckbox. 

Luckbox FAQs

Luckbox doesn’t have a specific FAQ section although they provide an alternative method to remove all the ambiguities in its customers. A Help Center is available on the website where everything is classified in a manner. Each section has multiple comments and steps provided by the website that you can read and remove any doubts you have. There are around 7 help sections available at Luckbox. Each section represents a different type. Every possible step or problem is mentioned there. Anyone can have access to the help center and easily remove their issues. 


Luckbox is a new website developed in 2018 in the Isle of Man. The website has a strong gambling license and is very secure. It is available in more than 5 different languages which means it can be accessed and used around the globe. Luckbox only focuses on eSports and has plenty of options available for each game. The betting markets available for each match are much more than any ordinary betting website.  

Luckbox provides the best live betting experience as well. The Live Twitch Stream with every match makes the betting better and easier than ever. The high-end odds makes the website very famous and likable throughout the gamblers. 

Just like any other trending gambling website, Luckbox supports the cryptocurrency and allows you to make deposits and withdrawals through it. There are plenty of other payment methods available at Luckbox as well. All the methods are highly secured and supported by Luckbox. 

The UI design of the website is extremely user friendly. The navigation through different matches has become easier than ever. Luckbox also takes the lead on other gambling websites as it provides mobile applications as well. The application version of Luckbox is available in Ios and Android. 

Luckbox is also very concerned about your privacy and security. The company keeps all your personal information on their secured servers and would not leak in any case. The only purpose to store your data is to provide you the best quality and secure you from any kind of theft or fraud. 

Summing it up, if you are a new customer, Luckbox also has different bonus promotions available for you. Starting your betting journey with Luckbox would be the best option so far. 


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