LOOT.BET Review: Esports Betting Experience 2020

About Loot.Bet

Loot.bet was founded in the year 2016 by Livestream Limited in Cyprus. There are tons of esports betting websites available but Loot.bet would definitely be the best choice for you as it provides a wide range of betting options. In this Loot.bet review, we observed that the company offers a very easy betting experience, as well as a lot of details on each of the online esports events. Loot.bet offers to bet for more than 10 different games and their odds are relatively good as compared to its competitors’ website. Loot.bet is available in 9 different languages that makes it very versatile and understandable for everyone. If we talk about accessibility, Loot.bet is still not available for you if you’re trying to register from the United Kingdom, France, the United States of America and the Netherlands. Although it’s not available in some regions it is worth looking at as it may be available worldwide anytime soon.

Contact information and Headquarters

Loot.bet is based in two different regions, Cyprus and Belize. The first headquarter was in Cyprus and then another one was built in Belize. Loot.bet provides a 24/7 customer support center. You can send them an email and they will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also make a direct call to them where a member of Loot.bet will talk to you and help you with any ambiguity. The email address and the mobile number where you can reach the website’s customer support is available on the website. If you are still left with a query then you may also post your question to the website’s FAQs section where the member of Loot.bet community will respond to your query as soon as possible. 

Are they good with eSports betting?

If you are planning to place your next bet through Loot.bet, it is guaranteed that you’re going to have the best experience of betting so far. There are multiple games available for betting like Counter-Strike, Dota 2, FIFA, League of Legends or Overwatch, etc. Similarly, you can bet on different betting markets depending on the title. At Loot.bet you can bet for first blood drawn, most kills, most deaths and a lot more. During the major tournaments of different games, you can have multiple betting offers from Loot.bet with reasonable odds. On the other hand, withdrawal from Loot.bet is extremely easy and safe. There are no commissions for withdrawing the money from the website.

Loot.bet betting License

Loot.bet operates from Cyprus and has a gambling license from Curacao. Although, in some regions, this license holds to be invalid. However, Loot.bet has been very active in its FAQs whenever they are asked about their license, which makes them a legitimate and licensed betting site. You can place your bet without any risk of theft or cheating. The website has clearly mentioned their mechanics and license on the front page so no one has the doubt of signing up on it. 

SWOT Analysis of Loot.bet

Every website has its strengths, weaknesses, and threats. Even the best ones face a lot of trouble due to high competition between websites. The SWOT analysis of Loot.bet is as below.


# Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
1. Variety of betting options Caribbean Island of Curacao does not work in every region Diverse betting markets for users Competitors’ website being functional worldwide
2. Variety of eSports titles Unavailability of the website worldwide Available in 9 different languages Lack of advanced features
3. Reasonable odds on big games/events Lack of traditional sports betting
4. Improved security for users
5. Money withdrawal procedure is easy and commission-less
6. Make money through Slot games
7. Diverse payment methods
8. Interactive user interface and design

Esports Betting Experience

Betting at Loot.bet is just amazing as it offers you the live eSports betting. With your favorite game moving forward, the odds will keep on changing. One of the most amazing features of Loot.bet is that on their live betting page, every match has its own twitch embedded link available where you can easily tap and watch your game while you keep an eye on the odds. This makes the user interface much better than the other betting sites where you have to find your online game yourself.

Variety of Esports bets Offered

On Loot.bet, you can have a huge variety of bets available. There are different methods you can choose to bet on your favorite game. You can either bet in single mode or you may choose the combo mode. If you are not a fan of live betting, then Loot.bet offers even better odds for the upcoming games.

Registration Process at Loot.bet

Registration at Loot.bet is quite simple. If you are a new customer, you get the registration bonus as well. While reviewing Loot.bet we came to know that the site is not functional in some countries like the UK, USA, France, and Malta. However, the company is trying its best to make the website available worldwide.

While registering at Loot.bet, it simply asks for your valid email address and a password that you might use for the website for your login. Please note that you must be 18 years old or above to successfully sign up at Loot.bet. Once you are done with these steps, you will get a confirmation email at the email you provided. After confirmation, you can enjoy your betting journey at Loot.bet.

Loot.bet Placing your First Bet

At Loot.bet, it is extremely easy for users to place a bet. When you sign up, you have to deposit a minimum of 10 euros to the wallet. Once you have money in the wallet, you can select any of your favorite games, either on-going or upcoming to place your bet. You can check the odds for placing the bet and how much you would make. If you are placing your bet for overall match-winner, then you will have to wait for the game to end. If you won the bet, the money will be transferred to your wallet.

Loot.bet Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 is one of the most famous games in the world. It is mostly known for its biggest tournament of the year called “The International”. This tournament is the most special because of its very high prize pool. The game is so versatile that there are a lot of markets available for betting. You can easily bet for some of these markets.


Match winner Map winner
Odd/Even Kills First Roshan
First Blood Will there be Mega Creeps?
First Buyback Any Rampage?
Anyone above Godlike streak and much more


Loot.bet allows you to place bets before a match starts or even the match has started. Remember, the odds will be different in each case.

Loot.bet CS:GO Betting

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. It is the modern version of a very famous ancient game CS 1.6. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most played games. Loot.bet provides a vast variety of markets for this game. You can easily bet for the following markets.


Match winner Map winner
Team to win a round Handicap
Team to win the pistol rounds Will there be knife kills?
Will there be grenade kills? Number of Headshots?
The player with highest KDA


There are a lot more markets on which you can easily place bets through Loot.bet. You can always place bets for upcoming matches and the live ones. 

Top Leagues Betting at Loot.bet

One of the advantages of betting through Loot.bet is they always highlight their highest going on leagues. If a game or tournament is getting all the hype, they pop that game in front of you on the landing page. Loot.bet provides reasonable odds for the games or matches which are the most popular.

Live Betting Offer

Loot.bet is very famous for its live betting offers. Loot.bet offers you a live stream embedded link of Twitch with the bets so that you can easily watch your match and place the bets accordingly. Loot.bet removes your effort in finding your match link online.

Loot.bet is famous for its impressive odds throughout the games. Even during a live match, the odds keep changing according to the match so you have to be well-aware where you should place your bet. When you open a match or on-going tournament, the odds are written right in front of you so you can easily compare all the odds of participating teams.

Overall, the live betting experience at Loot.bet is just amazing as you are getting all the things in one place. From live streaming to better odds, Loot.bet has it all. 

Dota 2 Betting Odds

When it comes to Dota 2 betting, Loot.bet has got your back. The website offers seasonal as well as promotional betting odds for Dota 2. At Loot.bet, different tiers of Dota 2 tournaments take place. The majority of them offer high-end odds with a live betting option. Currently, Loot.bet is offering reasonable odds on ESL One Los Angeles 2020. The tournament was the third major of the 2019/20 Dota Pro Circuit season. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers shifted the LAN event. The new location and time are yet to be announced. For now, the tournament has been divided into three online leagues. At Loot.bet, you can keep an eye on all of the leagues with favorable odds.

CSGO Betting Odds

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the games with a lot of minors and a few majors. Every year, around two to three majors occur. Loot.bet covers them all. During the major events, Loot.bet offers some amazing odds. ESL Rio Major 2020 will be taking place next month and Loot.bet will live coverage of the event along with the favorable odds.

Betting at Ease

Loot.bet allows you to place your bets very easily. All the ongoing and famous games pop up whenever you open the website. The games with valuable odds are also shown when you are looking for bets. At Loot.bet, they try to make it as easy as it can be for a user. They highlight the odds in front of every match so you can easily differentiate between them and place a bet. 

Slot Games at Loot.bet

Just like other betting sites, Loot.bet offers you a variety of slot games. If you are not feeling lucky with your betting you can always try the slot games and win some good money. There are plenty of slot games available on Loot.bet. Some of them are.

  • Cash Tank
  • The King
  • Solar Temple 
  • Rise of Egypt
  • Pirates Map and a lot more

Currently, there are more than 50 slot games available on Loot.bet.

Loot.bet Bonus Experiences April 2020

Loot.bet is well aware of the world’s situation and they are here to serve you as best as they can. Because of the COVID-19, Loot.bet has already introduced a special kind of bonus for the new users. Loot.bet uses two different accounts for every user in which one account has the money that you deposit and the other has all your bonuses. During April 2020, if you deposit 10 euros or up to 50 euros to your account, Loot.bet will add 50% of the amount of bonus in your bonus account. Moreover, you get 10 free spins for the game Troll Haven. There are some of the terms and conditions in order to avail this bonus.

  • Bonus percentage is 50%
  • The minimum amount is 10 euros and the maximum is 50 euros
  • You can avail this bonus as many times as you can
  • Some specific currencies like EUR, USD, RUB, and PHP
  • You get combo bet types
  • Rollover multiplier would be x5
  • Maximum odd will be 1.49
  • The bonus is valid for 10 days

Loot.bet New Customer Sign up Bonus

Loot.bet knows how to reward its new customers. They have introduced an amazing bonus for every new user that joins their platform. If you sign up to Loot.bet, you get the chance to deposit the money in your account and you will receive the same amount in your bonus account. This offer is valid if your amount is between 10 or 100 euros. There are different codes for this offer to avail, for Dota 2 fans the code is “LOOT” while for Counter-Strike fans the code is “LEAGUE”. There is another code for this special bonus, i.e, “EBETFINDER”.

If you want to withdraw this bonus, you must have to place bets that are 9 times more than the bonus you have received. This is not just all, you will also get 100 free spins for the Crash Tank game.
There are some terms and conditions for this excellent bonus. 

  • The bonus will be awarded for the first deposit only. 
  • There are certain currencies that are acceptable only like the UK Pound.
  • American Dollar, Russian Rouble and Philippine Peso
  • Maximum first deposit for the bonus is 100 euros 
  • Maximum odd per bet will be 1.79
  • The bonus will be valid for 30 days
  • Bets for rollover will be single and combo
  • Rollover multiplier would be x10

Avail Process of Bonus at Loot.bet

In order to withdraw your bonus amount from Loot.bet, you need to meet the wagering requirement that is “9x”. This means that you need to place bets 9 times more than you have received the bonus from Loot.bet. For example, if you have received a 10 euros bonus, you need to place bets for at least 90 euros in order to withdraw your bonus. The payout is possible within 30 days of the bonus received. If you are a new user and you have received your sign up bonus then you have 30 days for retrieving your bonus. On the other hand, if you have received your bonus because of COVID-19, then you will only have 10 days to withdraw your bonus. 

Loot.bet Bonus Conditions

There are some of the terms and conditions under which you may retrieve your bonus or you may cancel it. 

Receiving Bonus

  • You will always receive a bonus in a separate bonus account
  • You can only have one bonus available in your bonus account
  • If you want to register for another bonus you must withdraw or cancel the bonus you already have in your account

Placing Bets with Bonus

  • If you have funds available on both your real and bonus account then, the spending will depend upon the type of rollover you select.
  • If you select real and bonus rollover then both of your accounts will be charged simultaneously 
  • If you select real rollover, then first all your real money will be used and then your bonus money
  • Similarly, if you choose bonus rollover, your bonus account will be charged first, and then your real account
  • Every bonus has their limited odds defined and that is why you can only place bets on events whose odds are within your bonus limit
  • Winning the bet money with your bonus amount will be transferred to bonus account
  • If you are participating in a bonus campaign but you place bets with your real account then, the funds are transferred to the real account
  • Once you meet the wagering requirement for bonus, all your bonus funds are transferred to the real account
  • Direct withdrawal from the bonus account is not possible
  • If you cancel your bet placed with the bonus account, all your funds are returned back to your bonus account
  • Unsettled bets that  are placed by bonus account during bonus campaigns are not refunded

Cancellation of Bonus

  • Each bonus has an expiry date, if you don’t utilize your bonus until that, your bonus will be canceled automatically 
  • After the cancellation of bonus, the bonus account resets
  • The user can cancel the bonus at any time
  • If your bonus expires or gets canceled, all your unsettled bets are canceled without any refund
  • If your bonus expires, winning at unsettled bets by your real account are refunded to your account


  • One person can use only one of the free spin, one of the bonuses or free bet at the same time
  • Only one IP address will be accepted at once for using any of your bonus

Company’s Policy

  • The company can cancel any of the user’s bonus without notifying them
  • The terms and conditions can be changed at any time for any bonus by the company

Loot.bet Bonus using Coupon code

Loot.bet has been very active with its multiple bonus schemes. There are different kinds of bonuses for different users. For new users, there are bonuses that could double the amount you have deposited in your gambling account. Depending on the coupon code you have, you will receive the bonus. A new user can use three different kinds of codes for getting the double deposit offer. 

The users that are already playing on Loot.bet can use the April special bonus where you can use a special coupon code and get almost 50% of the amount in your bonus account when you make a transfer in your real account. 

Loot.bet Bonus for Existing Customers

It is true that Loot.bet offers one of the most amazing bonuses for the newcomers. However, they also keep regular users in the notice. You can still win a lot of bonus prizes with just playing constantly. 

If you’re placing bets with a minimum odd of 1.30 regularly, you get the chance to compete with other players, not just for money but for the monthly and yearly prizes as well. Some of the coolest prizes that Loot.bet offers are 

  • Brand new iPhone
  • Cash prize over 5000 euros
  • Multiple Gaming gadgets 

So, who would want to miss the chance of getting these amazing prizes?

Loot.bet all in one Platform for Web, Mobile

Being such a big gambling platform, Loot.bet does not have any android or IOS applications. However, when asked, they replied with a positive gesture and indicated and their team is working on both the applications.

Meanwhile, they have prepared their web application super responsive to any kind of web, mobile or tab browser. You will not feel any trouble navigating to different screens whether you are using it on the desktop or you are using it on the mobile. They have made their application very responsive and user-friendly. 

Loot.bet website UI Experience

When it comes to UI, Loot.bet is not compromising at all. They use a very clean and easy layout. All the headlines are visible in a form of the banner when you open the website. All the new bonus offers, discounts, and news are listed there. Below the banner, all the available games for betting are shown. So, when a user first comes on the website, they can just click on the game and all the related matches will load. Below the list of games, you have all the online matches for all the on-going games. To make it easy for the user, Loot.bet mentions all the odds with the games.

Loot.bet provides the option to filter out certain options as well. You may want to filter the matches for some specific event or some specific date. The filter is really powerful and can provide you quick results. On the right-hand side, your bet slips are visible. The number of bets and all the transactions you have made while betting is shown. 

In the header, you can navigate the web page to the slot games as well where you have plenty of slot games to play. The good thing about Loot.bet is that they use lazy loading, so while you scroll down, the screen is loaded and thus it makes the webpage very fast and responsive. 

At the bottom, all the useful links are given. All the paths to their social media websites are also just one click away. You can easily get to their FAQs and 24/7 support.

Loot.bet Deposit and Withdrawal

Loot.bet provides you two different accounts, one for the real funds you transfer and one for the bonus. There are some methods for depositing and withdrawing the money from the Loot.bet account.

Deposit at Loot.bet

There are certain rules and regulations for the deposit of your money.

  • All the deposits should be made through a valid bank card that is registered with your own name
  • If you deposit funds with any currency, the standard exchange rate from oanda.com will be charged
  • Fees and charges may apply while depositing the money to the account
  • Loot.bet uses the third party electronic payment processor and that is why they would only credit your account if they have received money from that third party
  • During deposit, if you accept any of the bonus that you are receiving by Loot.bet, you accept all the terms and conditions related to that specific bonus
  • Funds generated through any fraud or criminal activity would not be allowed to be deposited 
  • If online gambling is illegal in your specific country, DO NOT BET ON LOOT.BET
  • If you transfer your funds through a bank card, it is recommended that you keep a copy of the transaction to yourself

Withdrawal at Loot.bet

There are some rules and regulations for withdrawing the money from Loot.bet.

  • You can only withdraw the money from your account by putting a withdrawal request
  • You can withdraw the money that is not in the use of any bet
  • The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 10 euros
  • If you roll over your amount once then the withdraw is free. However, if you don’t, then standard 8% charges will be applied
  • While withdrawing your amount, Loot.bet reserves the right to ask you for the photo ID, address or any other verification
  • All the withdrawals will be made to the bank card you have affiliated to Loot.bet
  • If the linked account is locked or somehow inaccessible, you can always contact the customer care department of the website
  • Loot.bet is not responsible for any kind of breaching or theft during the withdrawal of your money

Customer’s Privacy and Security at Loot.bet

Loot.bet is very conscious about their privacy. Privacy and security matter a lot when it comes to gambling sites. For that, Loot.bet only uses the ‘https’ pages to ensure the end to end privacy for the users so they can easily put their trusts in and deposit their money to them. Although, there are few third-party websites Loot.bet uses. While accessing those web pages, Loot.bet recommends you to take the safest path. 

All the data at Loot.bet is being controlled at Livestream Gaming Ltd. It is an LLC registered in Belize. Loot.bet has also provided the email address for their Data Protection Officer and if any customer faces any trouble they can just write to the officer.

The company is totally obliged to maintain your privacy, confidentiality, and security while you are using it. If you don’t agree with the company’s privacy and security law, they won’t let you register. Below is the list of personal data of a user that a company can process with the user’s consent.

  • Identity Data
  • Financial Data
  • Transaction Data
  • Profile Data
  • Contact Data
  • Usage Data
  • Market & Communication Data

Loot.bet tries to process all your data fairly and lawfully. They don’t keep anyone’s data for any longer than needed. They process all your personal data in accordance with your consent. Loot.bet Customer Support Service

Loot.bet is very active with their customer support service. They offer you 24/7 support for any kind of issue you have. On their web page, they have mentioned a phone number that is available 24/7. You can also write them through email that is given on the webpage as well. Whenever you feel giving any advice or reporting an issue, you can always write them through an email and they will get back to you. 

You can reach out to Loot.bet by writing your concern at support@loot.bet or calling them at +357-22-008790.

Loot.bet FAQs

Loot.bet is very active with their FAQs. They try to reply to every other user that posts the query. The staff always manage to reply to every question asked by a user.

The FAQ section is available at the bottom of the webpage. Just one click and you can view all the frequently asked questions. In order to ask a question, you must register with them and then write your query. If the question you have asked is a very frequently asked one, then they might post it in their FAQs section as well. One way or another, you will get your issue resolved by them.


Loot.bet is one of the best choices one could make for their betting experience. Moreover, if you are a newbie to the gambling world, then you must try Loot.bet as it will offer you many more opportunities than any other gambling website. 

The versatility of games available for betting and the number of tournaments Loot.bet caters to is just amazing and very helpful for a user who is looking for everything in one place. Besides the number of games, offering the best odds is a big challenge for a gambling website. Loot.bet is very well aware of all the special tournaments going on and they offer even better odds during the tournaments. 

Although the website is not available in some of the regions of the world, on the other hand, it is available in 9 different languages that make it very much popular in different regions. A lot of audiences could be attracted to the website because of the languages available on the platform.

Loot.bet keeps the competition on their site as they try to provide you the best bonuses. There are different kinds of bonuses available for different users. Loot.bet also keeps the existing customers in the loop. They arrange multiple cash prizes for their regular customers upon winning some certain bets.

Loot.bet has made depositing and withdrawing the money very easy for you. You just need your bank card and a little proof of your identification to deposit and withdraw your money very easily. For providing better security, Loot.bet asks you for proof while you try to withdraw your money. 

Loot.bet also tries to maintain the decorum of your privacy and security very well. All your personal information is kept safe and only used after your consent. Your personal data is kept with Loot.bet as long as it is needed. The website also uses safe ways of directing you to web pages so you may not get into any scam. While you try to access web pages that are not under Loot.bet’s responsibility, they always try to recommend you to take a safe path.

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