BUFF.bet Review: Esports Betting Experience 2020

About Buff.Bet

Buff.bet which was formerly known as Buff88 is operated and owned by Galaxy Group Ltd. The website first appeared on the gambling market in 2018 with a lot of gambling options for eSports, sports, and casinos. Buff.bet is mainly famous for its diversity of options available for betting. Moreover, the website doesn’t only focus on the approved international currencies but also the trending cryptocurrencies. Buff.bet has a gambling license “#365/JAZ”, issued by the government of Curacao. The website is accessible within different European countries such as Denmark, the UK, Spain, and many more.

Buff.bet has a business partner cryptocurrency called GIFcoin ICO. It is a block-chain based cryptocurrency that is used by the company to share the profits among the token holders. 

Buff.bet is also very famous for its multiple bonus promotions. There are bonuses for almost all the users and thus makes it very appealing. 

Buff.bet Headquarters and Contact Information

Buff.bet’s headquarter is located in The British Virgin Islands, United Kingdom. The company is spread worldwide but for the time being, they have only one physical location. Buff.bet is very efficient with their customer support and contact center. They have provided two emails for the customers to approach them. One of the emails is for the affiliates and the other one is for the general public. If you are a partner with Buff.bet, you may use the affiliate’s email and may get a timely response. For the general public, one phone number is also provided so people may make a call directly and get their queries resolved with-in minutes. The company also understands the importance of social media these days and has created its official account on Twitter and Instagram. The accounts are linked on their website and you can visit them with just one click. 

Is Buff.bet an eSports betting website?

Buff.bet does not only focus on eSports but they do emphasize each part of the gaming. The company has divided its betting options into multiple categories. If you are an eSports lover, you will have plenty of options for you available. Similarly, if you like real sports or you are interested in Casinos, Buff.bet is the best option for you. 

The company knows the significance of the eSports industry and thus provides a wide range of eSports for betting. At Buff.bet, you can place bets for more than 10 eSports games. Some of them are Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Rainbow Six, and Call of Duty. 

Just like any other sport or casino game, Buff.bet provides the best odds for any eSports game. They keep their track on every tournament going on for any game and try to offer the best odds. 

Buff.bet Betting License

Buff.bet is operated by Galaxy Group Ltd. The Galaxy Group is using the “#365/JAZ” license for their gambling websites. Buff.bet uses the same license. The license is issued by the government of Curacao. This kind of license is well-reputed in the gambling industry. Therefore, at Buff.bet, your personal information is secure and you can place as many bets as you want as the company secures this license, and betting is legal with it. 

SWOT Analysis of Buff.bet

Although Buff.bet is handled by a giant gambling company, it still has its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. The SWOT Analysis is a tool that you can imply to any company and figure out all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to it. The SWOT analysis of Buff.bet is as below.


# Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
1 Strong Betting License No Mobile Application Best odds with high coverage Competitors that may be present in all regions
2 Available in multiple languages Not available in a few European countries Encouraging Cryptocurrency
3 Highly diverse
4 Better Odds
5 Multiple bonuses

Esports Betting Experience at Buff.bet

Buff.bet is very confident when it comes to eSports. If you type Buff.bet in your browser, you will be redirected to Buff.bet/en/esports. Here, you can look at all the eSports games available at Buff.bet and all the live and important matches going on. A very unique and amazing feature is that you can see the live twitch stream on the home screen as well.

To provide the best experience, Buff.bet provides more than 10 eSports games for betting with the best odds. They also cater almost all the important and big tournaments for each game. During the important matches, Buff.bet tries and provides the best odds. 

If you are looking for a live match to bet for, you can easily open the home page of the website and find your match there. If you can’t locate your match in the live section, you can always click on your desired game, and under that, all the live and upcoming matches will be shown. 

Virtual Sports at Buff.bet

Buff.bet is one of the websites that offer virtual sports betting as well. Although there are plenty of options available for eSports and normal sports, Buff.bet focuses on virtual sports as well. For virtual sports betting, Buff.bet is offering a wide number of sports like Horse racing, Bike racing, speedway, American football, club football, greyhound racing, and many more. They are all classified very nicely and you can easily look up to the ongoing or famous tournaments for your favorite sport. At Buff.bet, there are three options available for virtual sports betting. You can place a bet for a live, pre-match, and post-match. In each case, the odds will be different. 

Registration Process at Buff.bet

Registering yourself is the first step towards the exciting journey of betting at Buff.bet. At Buff.bet, you don’t have to go through a very lengthy process to register yourself as they don’t require any special documents to prove yourself. All they need is your email address, your username, password, and the region/country from where you are signing up. 

To make this more thrilling for you, they give you the chance to win a chunk of bitcoins during your registration process. If you get lucky, you might start with a good amount in your wallet already. 

Now that you have registered at Buff.bet, you might scroll down the matches and find some of the matches are still unavailable. This is because, after your registration at Buff.bet, you need to activate your account by providing them your full name, your date of birth, and your current address. This phase is mandatory as the company wants to make sure that you are who you say you are and you are eligible for betting. 

Your personal information while registering at Buff.bet is kept only for your safety. The data is used only for customer research, monitor the transactions, and better handle your account to prevent any kind of theft or fraud. 

Placing your First Bet at Buff.bet

Placing your first bet at Buff.bet is just as easy as registering to it. All you need to do is find your favorite sport and the desired match you want to bet for.

There are different options available for placing the bets. If you’re an eSports lover, then you must enter the eSports section where you can find all your important matches. If you’re interested in normal sports, then there is another section for you. Similarly, for the live casino lovers, there is one more option where they can join the live casino going on. You can become part of the table and place your bets as much as you want.

For eSports fans, placing the first bet is extremely easy. In the eSports sections, all the on-going and famous matches are placed on top. When you click on the match you want to bet for, you will be redirected to a new page where you can find all the details of that match with the Twitch live stream of that particular match. All the markets are defined very professionally for each match. 

Buff.bet League of Legends Betting

League of Legends is a multiple online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by Riot Games. It is one of the most famous and most played games of all time. Buff.bet knows the importance of the game and that is why it covers all the major tournaments for the game. The most famous and valuable tournament for the game is the World Championship. During such tournaments, Buff.bet offer high-end odds to attract more audience. 

At Buff.bet, there are different markets available for each eSports game. You can bet for a live match or an up-coming match for better rewards. The markets for a League of Legends match could be. 

Map Winner Match Winner
First Blood Most Kills
Most Deaths Highest Net-worth


There are plenty more markets available for just a single match. At Buff.bet, you get them all.

Buff.bet CSGO Betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth version of the Counter-Strike series. It is one of the most famous first-person shooting games. Buff.bet knows the importance of the game and is very active during all the major tournaments of the game. Although there are numerous minors for the game, Buff.bet almost caters to all of them as well. There are several markets available for each match of the game. You can bet for any market and earn the best rewards. Some of the markets for a CSGO match could be. 

Match Winner Map Advantage
Correct Score Total Maps Played
Winner Round 16 Total rounds
Most Kills Most HeadShots
Odd/Even rounds Pistol Round Winner



There are plenty more markets for the game. Buff.bet tries to offer you the best betting experience of your life and thus, follow every game to compensate you with the best odds. At Buff.bet, you can either bet in a live match or for any upcoming match for CSGO.

Top League Betting at Buff.bet

At Buff.bet, you will not be disappointed with the top league betting. As versatile the website is, they cover all of the major and famous tournaments going on for each section they have. Whether it is a famous basketball cup or a very intense LALIGA Football match, Buff.bet covers them all. Not only the sports, but Buff.bet is also very active when it comes to eSports as well. During big events like The International for Dota 2 or World Championship for League of Legends, Buff.bet provides the best odds.

Top League betting is very famous at Buff.bet as they highlight the important matches at the very top and offer you the best odds there could be. For each game, every major or important tournament pops up in the row so that no user misses those games. 

Similarly, Buff.bet knows the struggle people put in to find the right stream of their match and that is why they offer you a live stream of each match you want to bet on. So you can put your bets while watching your favorite game.

Live Betting Experience at Buff.bet

Unlike all other betting websites, Buff.bet offers you the best live betting experience with everything in one place. The website is very user-friendly when it comes to live-betting for a match. Whether it is an eSports match or an ordinary sports match, you can always find a tab available for live matches. Under this tab, all the live matches for any game are available. 

To make it much better for you, a live stream has been added to each match so you don’t have to leave the website and look for your stream. Buff.bet offers you everything in one place. For any live match you select, the markets and odds are mentioned on the left side of the screen and the live stream starts playing at the right side of the screen. This is how you may enjoy your live match and bet for it as much as you want. 

Live Betting Odds at Buff.bet

Providing better betting odds is the ultimate goal for every gambling website. At Buff.bet, you get the most amazing odds regardless of the game you have selected. For all the live matches, the odds are written on the left side of the screen. Every live match has several markets for betting and every market has different odds. While betting live at Buff.bet, you get to watch the live stream of your match and you see the odds changing with the on-going live match. 

Regardless of the genre of sports, you have selected to bet for, you always get the most favorable odds at Buff.bet.

Buff.Bet Screenshot

Live Betting Stream at Buff.bet

At Buff.bet, you don’t have to open multiple websites just to watch your match live and bet for it. The company has them all. Every live match has a Twitch stream video attached to it. That means you can look at the odds while watching your live match. So, you don’t have to find a stream separately and come back to the website for betting. This live stream experience makes the betting much more reliable and easier than ever.

League of Legends Betting tournaments for April 2020

League of Legends is one of the most played and famous multiple online battle arena game. The game is mainly famous for its huge number of tournaments going on now and then. LOL is one of the games with the most number of minors and majors. Throughout the year, Riot Games arrange a lot of short tournaments to keep the game into the news all the time. The biggest tournament for League of Legends is the World Championship that occurs every year. 

Currently, there are 6 tournaments taking place for LOL. Each of the tournaments started months ago and will be finished in the upcoming months. The most recent tournament that has started on April 13th, 2020, is GL 2020 Opening Playoffs. The tournament is arranged by Riot Games and six teams are taking part in it. Due to COVID-19, the tournament has been shifted to online venues. Buff.bet is covering all the matches for the tournament and offering the most favorable odds for each match.

CSGO Betting tournaments for April 2020

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the most played and famous first-person shooting games. It is the fourth game in the series of the Counter-Strike. The game is the modified and the new version of Counter-Strike 1.6. Every year, a lot of minors and majors occur for the game. Buff.bet tries and cover them all. 

This month, ESL One: Road to Rio 2020 is occurring in three different regions of the world. One of them is occurring in North America, one of them in Europe and, the last one is occurring in the CIS region. All the tournaments are being held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At Buff.bet, you get all the tournaments coverage match by match. 

Betting at Ease

At Buff.bet, your betting experience gets much better as they allow you to mark your tournaments or matches as favorites, and then you can easily access them in the future. If you are betting for any eSports game, you can add the game into the list of your favorites by tapping the heart sign in front of every match available for betting. Once you have added a game in your favorites list, Buff.bet will keep a record of it and will always pop the matches related to that specific game first. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to specifically go and find the game and then place your bet as you have added the game to your favorites. You can just open your favorite list and look for your match to place the bet.

Similarly, if you ever want to remove some game from your favorites, you can tap on the heart icon again and it will be removed from your favorites list. Betting at Buff.bet has been made so much easier that even if you are a newcomer, you won’t face any trouble for sure.

Slot Games at Buff.bet

If you ever feel bored with betting on normal games and want to make money elsewhere, slot games are the best option for you. These are the games where you play with your actual money and can earn. Just like every other gambling website, Buff.bet provides plenty of slot games where you can enjoy most of your time.

Some of the most famous Buff.bet’s slot games are.

  • Game of Thrones 
  • Jurrasic World
  • Hitman 
  • Playboy
  • Mega Moolah
  • Halloween and much more

Slot games are an easy way to entertain the audience of the website. Buff.bet knows the importance of the slot games and thus provides you more than 50 slot games. 

Buff.bet New Customer Bonus

Buff.bet always welcomes their new customers to the website and is very generous to them. To provide the best welcome experience, Buff.bet offers a 100 percent bonus offer to the new users. From a deposit of a minimum of 10 euros to a maximum of 100 euros, you get a 100% bonus in your account. The bonus will apply to different currencies as well. Whether you are using the international currency or you are using a Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ether, your bonus will be credited to your account as the same currency you make your first deposit with. 

To avail of the new customer bonus offer, you must enter the code “GET100”. While you are making your first deposit, you must check the terms and conditions for the welcome bonus as the bonus is not available worldwide. There are several countries like Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, and some more where you cannot get the welcome bonus.

Buff.bet Multiple Bonuses

Buff.Bet Bonuses

Buff.bet offers you different kinds of bonuses. The offers are not only for the new customers but some of them are for the existing customers as well. There are multiple bonuses like welcome sports offer, Freeshot, and Buff.bet’s ACCA Bonus. 

Welcome bonus offer for new customers

The welcome sports offer is for new customers only. You can only avail of the offer once. Only one email and home address will be accepted for this bonus. It is a 100 percent bonus offer to the new users. The minimum amount you need to sign up for this bonus is 10 euros and the maximum is 100 euros. Whatever the amount between this maximum and minimum you deposit in your account you get a 100% bonus on it. The bonus will apply to different currencies as well. Whether you are using the international currency or you are using a Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ether, your bonus will be credited to your account as the same currency you make your first deposit with. To avail of the new customer bonus offer, you must enter the code “GET100” while you are making your first deposit. There are some geographical restrictions to the bonus as well as you must check the terms and conditions for the welcome bonus before depositing your money. The bonus is not available worldwide and there are several countries like Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria, and some more where you cannot get the welcome bonus.

The 25 EUR bonus offer

Freeshot bonus is available for all the existing customers of Buff.bet. This bonus is only applicable if you lose a bet. There are some terms and conditions for getting this bonus. The minimum amount of deposit required for this bonus is 5 euros. So, if you deposit the required amount in your account and you enter the bonus code as well, you have cleared the first stage of the bonus. Now, if you place a bet with that amount on odds above 1.7 and you lose it, you get all your money back. On the other hand, if you win the bet everything will go on as normal and you will not receive any bonus. 

Note that this bonus is only applicable if you lose the bet. Similarly, if you want to retrieve the bonus you have received, you will have to roll over 5 times the amount you deposited and the amount you have received as a bonus on the odds greater than 1.7.

Buff.bet provides an exciting ACCA bonus offer where you can get a chance to win 60% of the bonus. All the existing customers can take part in this bonus and it is applicable if you place bets on all accumulator pre-match. To be eligible for this exciting offer, you need to select the odds above 1.50 always. The maximum amount that you can win from this bonus is 10,000 euros.

Welcome Casino bonus offer

The Welcome Casino Offer is available for all the new customers of the casino. The most exciting part of this bonus offer is that you can receive this bonus twice. Unlike other bonuses, where you only receive the reward on the first deposit, the Welcome Casino Offer lets you get the bonus on your first two deposits. The offer is applicable on a minimum of 50 euros. You can get a 100% reward on your first two deposits. For the first time when you are depositing your money, enter the bonus code “WELCOME1000” and for the second time, use the code “RELOAD1000”. You are free to use any international currency for the deposit. Moreover, you can use Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether for your deposit. 

Buff.bet Bonus Conditions

Buff.bet offers great opportunities to all its new and existing customers. There are multiple bonuses available for everyone. For each bonus, there are some terms and conditions that you should keep in mind.

  • Any bonus won has to be claimed within 30 days
  • To get a bonus, you must use the bonus code
  • To retrieve your bonus, you must rollover according to each bonus
  • Bonus is not eligible in all the European countries
  • To retrieve the bonus, only one person, house address, IP address is allowed
  • Buff.bet reserves the right to change any of the above-mentioned conditions at any time

These are some of the bonus conditions that everyone should keep in mind before playing to get a bonus.

Buff.bet all in One Platform Mobile, Web

Buff.bet doesn’t have a mobile application and they have not shared any plans or intentions to make one yet. Rather, they offer a highly resembling interface to the web in their mobile browsers. When you load the website in a mobile phone browser, it will look the same as the web browser. This is done so that people get more friendly with the website as they know everything is in the same order. 

Smartphone and Tablet users can easily play any of their favorite slot games available at Buff.bet. Buff.bet is highly optimized and thus takes seconds to load even in mobile or tablet. 

Buff.bet UI Experience

Buff.bet is one of the largest growing gambling websites. Providing the best User Interface is one of the biggest challenges. For that, Buff.bet doesn’t sacrifice anything as they provide one of the smoothest and friendliest interfaces. 

When you write Buff.bet in your browser, it redirects you to their eSports section as they have the most audience in that section. Here you can see the most viewed live Twitch stream right in front of you. On your left, all the live games and odds are available. On your right, all the sports jackpots are visible so you may keep track of everything just by staying at the homepage. Buff.bet uses the tab layout and everything is classified very skillfully under these tabs. Below the stream, all the important and live matches are available for all eSports available at Buff.bet. With each match, the name of the game is also mentioned so that you never confuse yourself while looking for your match. You also get the chance to favorite some of the games so that you don’t have to go through all the games to look for your own. 

The Sports section is managed exactly as same as eSports one. You have all the live and demanding matches in front of you with odds mentioned on each of them. You have plenty of options available for sports as well on your left. 

Swiping through all the pages at Buff.bet, it has been observed that the website is extremely easy to follow and betting experience is better than ever. 

Buff Bet Dota 2 Markets

Buff.bet Withdraw and Deposit

At Buff.bet, millions of users deposit and win rewards everyday. To get familiar with these, you need to get through these terms and conditions.

Withdraw at Buff.bet

To withdraw your money from Buff.bet accounts, you need to keep these points in your mind.

  • You can withdraw any cleared amount in your account by putting in the withdrawal request
  • Buff.bet hold the rights to withhold any withdrawal in case they suspect any kind of cheating
  • The withdrawal currency could vary from the currency you deposited with
  • You are not allowed to withdraw an amount less than 15 euros
  • You are not allowed to withdraw an amount more than 3000 euros per 30 days
  • All the payments for Buff.bet will be processed by Galaxy Group Ltd

Deposit at Buff.bet

To deposit your money to Buff.bet’s account, you need to keep these points in mind.

  • You might be charged while depositing to Buff.bet’s account because of the payment providers
  • You must provide valid authorization before depositing any funds to your player account
  • Buff.bet will determine the minimum and maximum limit of the amount you can keep in your player’s account 
  • Buff.bet will determine the amount you have deposited is available upon confirmation from the payment providers
  • Any deposit made by you is not refundable
  • Buff.bet may ask you to provide additional details of the deposits made by you
  • The minimum number of deposits that can be made is 5 euros
  • The minimum number of deposits that can be made using cryptocurrency is 0.0003 BTC

Privacy and Security at Buff.bet

Buff.bet knows very well how much personal information is crucial for a person. That is why they offer the best privacy and security features. Information provided by the users while signing up and filling forms can only be used for processing the bets, building up the personal profiles, customer research, and providing more information on any kind of promotional offers.

To store your data more securely, Buff.bet has taken technical security measures. All kinds of encryption have been applied to your data. Moreover, secure server hosting is promised to each customer with 24/7 surveillance.

The telephone calls that are made to or by the company are all recorded for further practices only. Buff.bet gives all the right to customers to decide what the company can do with their data. If a customer chooses to forbid the website to remember their data for further learning, the website will not take their information for research purposes.

Buff.bet Customer Support Service

Buff.bet keeps its customer support service very active. They provide a 24/7 customer support center where you can reach them via email, phone call, and live chat. If you are facing any kind of trouble at the website, you just need to write an email to their contact support department and they will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also start a live chat where a bot will try and help you with your problems as they have trained the bot for most possible solutions.

There is another affiliate email available for all the affiliates of the company. Here, they might ask any questions and get prompt responses.

General Email: support@buff.bet

Affiliate Email: info@buffaffiliates.com

Telephone: +44 20-3286-775

Buff.bet FAQs

Buff.bet has managed its FAQs very efficiently. They have replied and put all the possible and frequently asked questions to them. They have highlighted all the questions that have been frequently asked and have replied very firmly to each of them. If you have any questions for Buff.bet, just write them and if the question you have asked is one of the frequently asked, they might put your query in their FAQs section as well.


Buff.bet is one of the most emerging and succeeding gambling websites. It is very versatile as it caters almost all the famous eSports games as well as normal Sports. The website also provides multiple slot games as well as Live Casino. There is a unique thing about Buff.bet and it is that the company is offering to bet on Virtual Sports as well.

Buff.bet focuses the most on providing the most favorable odds for each game. The live Twitch stream with every game helps a lot of betting customers to enjoy the live stream while betting for their favorite games.

The company offers multiple kinds of bonuses for each existing and new customer. The payment method for Buff.bet is highly secure and so is the withdrawal method. The terms and conditions for depositing or withdrawing the money are mentioned on the website for every user. 

The customer support center is also very responsive and helpful to each customer. They have provided their contact phone number and email on the website. They have also provided a live chat option for the customers.

Summing it all up, if you are a newcomer in the gambling world, or you have been here for a time, Buff.bet is the best option for you. 

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