Esports Betting Site Reviews - The Best Bookmakers in Comparison

Who is the Best Bookmaker? All Esports Bookmakers in our Review

No one in the world would have predicted that the world of professional video gaming, i-e eSports will be going head-to-head with traditional sports. At the time of this writing, eSports is voted a future Olympic discipline and it distributes millions in prizes across the globe. So it is fair to say that the eSport industry is taking over the world by storm. The virtual gaming world has made its way into the hearts of millions. Since the fans of all ages can immerse themselves into their favorite competitive titles. The bookies have recognized the potential of this industry, and today we will look at what eSports bookmakers have to offer.

So how do you start with eSports Bookmakers?

Before you head out making your first bet. You should know that there are hundreds of bookmakers out there. Some of them are reliable, while others are just there to loot your hard-earned money. Therefore, let’s have a look at the parameters that you should look into when picking out a trusted bookmaker: 

Bonus Options

We recommend you to go for the bookie that has a wide variety of betting options. By this we mean options like, initial deposit bonuses and free bets, since these are quite popular amongst the veterans of the industry. 

Bet Availability

Another aspect to look out for is the available number of bets. This element is quite useful when you are looking to wager on just one eSports title. Before picking out your bookmaker make sure that the platform has plenty of options for you otherwise your profits will surely take a hit.

Betting Odds

It is surely the most obvious feature in your search for the best online esports bookmakers since this will get you all the profits you need. The market is quite competitive these days, and the best esports bookmakers will offer the best and most engaging odds.

Customer Support

No matter how much good a betting platform is, issues are quite common and the owners know it. Therefore, to keep their customers satisfied, the best ones formulate a reliable support team. Always go for the bookmaker that offers reputable and professional support, so your problems will be resolved as quickly as possible.


Reputation is one of the key elements of bookmakers. Since one of the ways to attract an audience is dependent on the fact is how good your site is on various forums. Therefore you should have a solid research background before signup up for a bookie.

Best eSports Bookmakers

After looking at the characteristics, let’s have a look at bookmakers that hold these essential features that will surely benefit the betting enthusiasts: was launched in 2018 in the British BVirgin Islands and since its inception is has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the eSport betting world. Since it offers great promotions, live streaming and its payment methods include Bitcoin. Therefore it can be listed amongst the best online bookmakers, eSports in surely need such dedicated platforms to stand toe-to-toe with the traditional sports.


Vulkanbet is operated by Maxnet Limited which is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The bookmaker is tipped to be quite trustworthy and it offers exceptional welcome bonuses like, up to 600 Euro welcome bonus. It provides extensive betting options and hosts almost every payment option one could think of to facilitate its users. Vulkanbet offers payment through, VISA, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill, giropay, dotpay, and Trustly.


VIE.GG came into existence in early 2018 and since then has rocked the betting world. The platform offers a very user-friendly interface and the first bet is a risk free as it grants around €20 in refunds. What makes this platform unique is the fact that it offers video tutorials on how to trade bets. Its customer support has been appreciated by the community and it offers a variety of payment methods which include: e-wallets, debit and credit cards.

Pixel.Bet eSports

The betting platform came into existence in 2018. The site is owned by one of a well-reputed gambling company, LeoVegas. The company seeks to promote excellent gambling experience when it comes to offering a wide variety of eSport titles. The platform also offers extensive diversity payment methods which include: Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, Visa and Visa Debit.


LeoVegas has recently started its eSports betting section but has still managed to make its way amongst the favorites. The site provides an exciting interface and has established a solid reputation for fair dealing. It has decent support options and offers rapid withdrawals.

Which eSports games are most popular to start betting?

Here are some of the popular titles that are crucial in the betting world of eSports:

  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Counter-Strike Global: Offensive
  • Fortnite 
  • Rocket League

One thing we recommend to newbies that you can bet on the outright winner of the match in the mentioned eSports titles by just looking at the odds. Meanwhile, advanced betting markets like First Blood, First Tower Kill and even or an odd number of kills require in-depth knowledge of the games and only the professionals should get into those.

Placing Bets & How to pick a winner on eSports Bookmakers?

The newbies might face a tough time when it comes to picking a winner of the bets, Don’t worry we got you covered. Before picking a team that you believe will win you the wager, we recommend checking out some parameters like, the most recent roster changes, recent matches and which format is the tournament taking place. These are important elements since the team’s recent history plays a vital role in how the team will perform in the upcoming tournaments.

Guide to eSports Bookmakers

All the information mentioned in the article should be your tool for the assessment of a good bookie. Before signing up you should have a comprehensive look at the bonuses they are offering, their payment security, licenses, betting markets and website experience since these are essential elements to good bookmakers. eSports is surely setting up the standards of the modern betting landscape with exciting markets and interesting tournaments.


This brings an end to our comprehensive analysis of eSports bookmakers. This guide will surely be of great benefit when it comes to picking out the right bookie and how it will benefit your bets. There are plenty of betting platforms on the internet, but only after going through this guide, you will know which is the right one for you.