ENCE Creates A Six Man Roster By Adding Jamppi


The Finnish esports organization, ENCE has decided to acquire another CS:GO player. That’s right, the team has decided to pick up one of the best Awpers in the world, Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen. The most interesting thing about his addition is that ENCE now has a six-man roster. This is something not usually seen but is slowly becoming a thing. Previously, Astralis was the first team to create a six-player squad. Everyone started wondering whether any other team is going to do the same or not. But now, we finally have an answer.

ENCE Acquires A New Player

ENCE confirmed Jamppi’s addition on their official website where the team welcomed the player. The organization claimed that their results over the last months have been really disappointing. Although they have been trying their best, they just can’t deliver promising results. And thus, in order to rectify their results, they have decided to sign Jamppi to a two-year contract. ENCE also mentioned that they will fully support the player in his VAC Ba issue.

Jamppi’s CS:GO Career And Hurdles

Jamppi started his CS:GO career in 2017 when he joined the team REHTI. After playing for them for some time, he moved on to Team Viral. He is best known for his time with SJ Gaming, with whom the latter played for around a year. Jamppi helped SJ Gaming with winning some of the biggest CS:GO tournaments in the world. They were placed 1st at the Teila Esports Series Season 1- Regular Season, eSM 2019, LEBT Invitational 1, and a few more.


In 2019, Jamppi received a VAC Ban on one of his accounts. While everyone thought that the player was actually cheating, he had something else to say. It was later revealed that Jamppi sold that account to a friend and that account later received a VAC Ban. The player even filed a lawsuit against Valve for all the damages as he was unable to sign with OG because of this. Jamppi tried to contact Valve before the lawsuit to clear his name. However, the company told him that the ban will stay and that he won’t be able to play in any Major tournaments sponsored by Valve.

ENCE Can Perform Better Now

His addition to ENCE is surely going to lead to a lot of positive things. Jamppi is widely recognized as one of the best young talents in the European CS:GO scene. Those who have been following him know how well he plays. The CS:GO pro has a KDR of 1.20 with a 79.6 ADR. At the time of writing, he has played 11543 matches in which he has secured a total of 9609 kills. He was almost picked up by OG, one of the biggest CS:GO teams in the world. However, the VAC Ban prevented him from this.

Jamppi also mentioned that he is happy to join ENCE and that he can’t wait for things to get started. He further added that it is an honor for him to be a part of a roster filled with many merited and accomplished players. In any case, Jamppi will definitely help ENCE deliver better results and will also learn a lot in the process.

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