Empire Hope roster become the main team of the organization

Team Empire has stayed a resolute team in the CIS region of Dota 2 since the game was first launched. Lately, there wasn’t a lot to tell about the organization as just two players were on its roster.

In any case, it’s consistently imperative to have a backup plan and for a situation where there is an intense competition, their secondary roster called Team Empire Hope was performing good enough to replace the primary team of the organization. 

Signing Empire Hope

Since marking another roster in December a year ago, Empire has been letting Empire Hope contend in whatever number competitions as could be expected under the circumstances and has discovered generally positive outcomes. Sergey “Ecnart” Slobodyanyk joined the team in January as the team’s captain. What’s more, from that point forward the team completed among the best eight of every competition except one they have contended in. 

The team hasn’t actually really stirred things up. Still Ecnart and his team have performed outstandingly, in any event. They have fitted the bill for a spot at BEYOND EPIC.

The Director speaks

The director esports at the Empire stated that it has been half a year since the second we launched the young Dota 2 roster. He also said that the BEYOND EPIC qualifiers were a test for the young team that they passed effectively. And for that, I salute them and readily illuminate you that Team Empire Hope will be the primary team of Team Empire in Dota 2.

The director esports, StrangeR, proceeded to take note of that the players on Empire Hope roster have all signed a new contract with the organization, however, Evgeniy “tatakae” Repin decided to move on. So, another youthful player, Alexey “Grinning Knight” Sviridov is joining the team in place of tatakae after leaving Yolo Knight.

Team Members

The coach of the Empire Hope is Arkadiy “Akella” Enivatov. Sergey “Ecnart” Slobodyanyk will be leading the team. Other team members include

  • Alexey “Mastery” Vinchevskiy
  • Alexey “Smiling Knight” Sviridov from Belarus
  • Alexander “Lightless” Potapenko from Ukraine,
  • Dzhama “jAMES” Abdurashitov from Uzbekistan

The named Team Empire will be a dull pony at BEYOND EPIC. They will endeavor to pick up force as the including roster for the organization will contend with the best teams in Dota 2 in that region.

It will be exciting to see what the future for Team Empire holds. The team had been playing exceptionally well in their tier. However, things didn’t turn out to be so well. With Valve shifting almost all the events online, it will be a good chance for the new roster of Team Empire. Since online events are quite different as compared to LAN, Team Empire can bounce back and win some tournaments against top rivals.

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