EHOME wins Dota 2 DPL-CDA Professional League S1

Faith bian EHOME

After the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic assumed control over the world, the absolute best groups in China chose to make their own, one of a kind, association. The thought behind this choice was to have a spot where they can rehearse until the pandemic finishes. The DPL-CDA Professional League started on April 27 and it included 10 groups. Aside from preparing, every one of these groups additionally played for a prize pool of $70K USD. EHOME came out victorious in the tournament after taking down PSG.LGD in the grand finals.


One of the greatest Dota 2 contentions over the most recent years occurred only a couple of days back. The TI-winning organization (Newbee) got an elimination notice in light of the fact that they were held responsible for match-fixing. Obviously, there was a serious community kickback yet regardless of that, the group was expelled from the event. Therefore, each of their triumphs overruled in favor of their opponents.

Perfect Score for EHOME

Despite the fact that nobody expected EHOME to be the champ, the team came out ahead of the pack with an ideal score of 9-0. This is great, considering the way that EHOME needed to play against the likes of Vici and PSG.LGD. In spite of that, the Chinese powerhouse figured out how to hold fast.

Including 10 teams, the Bo3 Single-Robin format event kicked off on 27th April with four weeks of exclusive Dota 2 online action. EHOME started its campaign with a perfect score of 2-0 on 28th April against Royal Never Give up in the mere one-sided display.


Then the very next day on 29th April, EHOME was up against one of the many big fish in Dota 2 circuit PSG.LGD. They were taken to the cleaners in the first match that lasted just under the half-hour mark. Then EHOME pulled up their socks and returned their favor with might and won the match in the 88th minute.

The match against Vici Gaming was of sheer importance as PSG.LGD came chasing really good. In addition to that, both EHOME and PSG.LGD’s last match was scheduled to be played against NEWBEE which already was declared forfeit. PSG.LGD had lost only two matches, one against EHOME and the other against RNG on 8th May. 

It was 19th May when EHOME came up against the other big fish in the circuit i.e. VICI Gaming (VG). Here again, EHOME was dominated by the mighty VG in the first game. But that didn’t down the spirits of the new champions to be. EHOME had nothing to lose and came up with even better strategy than they had in the first game. The match ended 2-1 in the favor of EHOME.

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