Dr. Disrespect receives a permanent ban from Twitch

Dr. Disrespect

Dr. Disrespect fans are puzzled about the removal of their favorite streamer from Twitch. People are still wondering if Disrespect might come back and resume his streaming. However, it has been observed that Dr. Disrespect received the ban information from Twitch during one of his live videos. A clip has been taken out from his last broadcast that shows exactly the moment when the streamer received the news from Twitch about the permanent ban. Following is the video of the streamer. 

The first few minutes of the video looks fine as the streamers talk about random games and call out the names of his donors while stating how great “Champion’s Club” is. The real trouble starts after the sixth minute in the video when Disrespect starts doing nothing but engaging himself with his computer. Here, his body language could easily be observed that how quickly it changed how he remained silent for quite a long period. The streamer ended his video saying that life is weird these days and he definitely will overcome this. 

Is Dr. Disrespect really Banned?

The fans were devastated as Dr. Disrespect received a sudden and permanent ban from Twitch on June 26th. At first, nobody could comprehend the situation and mostly took it as false news. Later on, few people started posting about the official news about Dr. Disrespect being banned lifetime, from Twitch. Rod “Slasher” Breslau was one of them who eventually wrote about the streamer and stated that the ban is permanent. None of the fans could figure out the reason behind the sudden ban from Twitch to a very famous streamer. Although Slasher made sure that the ban was not in any way related to the DMCA claim. 

Current Situation

Right now, Dr. Disrespect’s Twitch channel is disabled. As a lot of fans posted about the uncertainty of the reason for the ban, Twitch came out with a statement. Twitch claimed that the organization has zero tolerance for the streamers who violate the terms and conditions of the company. Similarly, the statement also said that Twitch will take necessary actions against the streamers who disobey the Community Guidelines, regardless of the popularity of the streamer. During all this time, Disrespect has still not spoken and hasn’t posted any statement about his ban. 

Previous History

Dr. Disrespect has been banned from Twitch once before as well. In 2019, Disrespect attended the E3 where he was making his blog. During the live video, Disrespect and his camera team kept shooting while they entered the public restroom. Unknowingly, the video recorded some of the events that eventually led to a two-week ban from Twitch. Not just this, Disrespect also got removed from the E3 because of this.

Most of the people are posting about this previous ban and how this permanent ban is not related to the past. To make his disappearance permanent, Twitch has deleted all his emoticons and is already up for the refunds to the users who bought them. In short, we cannot expect Dr. Disrespect to back soon.

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