Dota 2 Betting Guide – Best Sites To Choose

Dota 2

Considering it is the most played game on Steam, Dota is is possibly the biggest esports title out there. And because of its popularity, bookmakers all over the world offer betting services for it. Dota 2’s esports scene is huge and hundreds of tournaments are hosted for it every year. The biggest one is The International, an annual tournament hosted by Valve. Today, we are going to write a short Dota 2 betting guide to help you understand a few things.

Dota 2 Betting Guide

Betting on Dota 2 might seem like something difficult, but it’s actually quite simple. With proper research and learning, anyone can become a good bettor. Today, we’ll be talking about some of the things you need to keep in mind before betting on Dota 2.

Dota 2 Betting Guide

Betting Sites

First and foremost, you have to select a good and reputable betting platform. It can be quite difficult to choose the right betting site since there are hundreds of them. While some of them are trusted, others might turn out to be a scam and you will end up losing all of your money. Therefore, we are going to list down three sites that are trusted by people from all over the world.


At first, we have GG.Bet. This site is currently one of the most popular and trusted esports betting sites out there. It offers different types of betting markets and can help you learn a lot too. In addition to this, it also offers a welcome bonus to its new customers. At the moment, GG.Bet features almost every popular esports titles, and they offer amazing customer support services.


Dota 2 Betting Guide

Then we have Pinnacle. This site has been offering gambling services since 1998 and is used by millions of people every month. It has customers in over 100 countries and is available in around 19 different languages. At first, Pinnacle used to focus on the casino, poker, and other gambling services. But in 2010, they started offering esports betting services and became one of the first global bookmakers to offer odds on esports. While Pinnacle might not offer a welcome bonus, their betting odds are considered to be better than other bookmakers.


Finally, we have Unibet. Founded in 1997, this site is the oldest online gambling platform on our list. Just like Pinnacle, Unibet also has millions of customers in over 100 countries. As for bonuses, the site provides a €25 to its new customers. In any case, it is surely one of the best esports betting sites in the world.

Other Important Things

Once you are done with choosing a platform, we will suggest you do some research about the top Dota 2 teams before placing any bets. You can learn about Dota matches predictions as it can help you with deciding which team will most likely win. And always remember, the favorite or the top team isn’t always going to win. Another important thing you should learn is the betting markets. Different bookmakers will offer different betting markets, but the most common ones you will find will be the tournament and match-winner.

This was all regarding our Dota 2 betting guide. Just don’t overthink anything and do your research properly.

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