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As esports betting is becoming a big thing in all parts of the world, every bookmaker is trying the make the most out of it. However, since there are a lot of different esports betting sites out there, it can be somewhat difficult to choose the right one. At the moment, different esports sites are offering different bonuses in order to stay ahead of their competition. So without any further due, here are the best esports betting sites bonuses that you can find.

Esports Betting Sites Bonuses

Betting on esports comes with many things, including some amazing bonuses. These bonuses include free bets, free deposits, cash after offers, etc. At the moment, different sites are offering different bonuses, and here are the best ones.

Esports Betting Sites Bonuses

Betway Bonus

Founded in 2006, Betway is currently one of the most popular esports betting sites in the world. The site features almost every popular esports game, such as Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, and Overwatch. In addition to this, it covers major esports tournaments such as ESL, The International, etc. As for the bonus, Betway provides a sign-up bonus to its new customers. Whenever you open an account with them, you will receive the bonus as soon as you make your first deposit. For instance, if you deposit $30 into your account, then Betway will reward you with another $30.

Betsson Bonus

Betsson is yet another popular and amazing esports betting site that is trusted by people from all over the world. The company was founded way back in 1963 and since then, it has absolutely dominated the betting industry. After esports became a big thing, they listed esports betting on their site to give people a platform to bet on their favorite games. At the moment, Bettson is providing a $25 in bonus bets to its new customers. If you create an account on the site and make a deposit of $25, then you will get 100% of the first deposit in your account.

Arcanebet Bonus

Esports Betting Sites Bonuses

Finally, we have Arcanebet. This site might not be as old as the above-mentioned ones, but it is still regarded as one of the best esports betting sites out there. Just like other popular sites, it covers all popular esports titles along with their respective tournaments. The thing which people love the most about Arcanebet is the bonus provided by them. New users can claim up to $100 in cash after making their first deposit. Although the bonus might be similar to other betting sites, the amount of money you receive is higher. Therefore, it will be wise to deposit $100 in your account at the start so that you can double your money.

That was all regarding some of the best esports betting sites bonuses. All three sites are amazing and can provide you with some great bonuses. There are many other sites out there that offer similar and different bonuses, so you can check them out too. In any case, you will most likely find a decent bonus on almost every esports betting site you visit.

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