CS:GO – Valve Needs To Copy Valorant’s Smoke Feature


Revealed first in October 2019 under the codename “Project A,” Valorant is Riot Game’s first attempt at making an FPS title. They are known for creating League of Legends, a game that has already conquered the esports world. Now, everyone is wondering whether Valorant will manage to do the same or not. The game offers a lot of things that are similar to CS:GO and Overwatch, and players just can’t help it but compare the two on various platform. Now, one modder has suggested why Valve should copy a feature from Riot’s FPS.

Valorant entered its closed-beta stage on April 7 and since then, a lot of players have jumped into it. Although the game is in its beta stage, it is already getting a lot of attention from all over the world. In fact, Valorant is the hottest topic in the esports industry. Players are finding out whether it has the potential to cross CS:GO or not. Many streamers have started solely focusing on it, while some professional players are making a shift to it.

Issues In CS:GO

CS:GO has enjoyed a lot of success since its release. The game is played by millions of players every month. It even recently managed to cross one million concurrent players for the first time in its history, something which revealed that the game is going strong. However, despite the fact that it rules the esports world, it still has a lot of issues in it. Since the game’s release, players have complained about weapon balancing issues, different glitches, and so on. While Valve has managed to fix almost every issue that has been reported, there are still some left.


One of the biggest issues players complain about to this date are smoke grenade textures. These textures have ended up being a problem for many players, and even pro players have often talked about them. However, Valve hasn’t done anything about them. In fact, the company has also failed to discuss whether they will be doing something about them or not. But recently, a CS:GO modder who goes by the name “Zool” decided to do something different.

Modder Reveals Something Amazing

Zool basically decided to see how Valorant’s smoke clouds would look like in CS:GO. And judging from the clip he posted, it is safe to say that is something Valve should adopt. For those who don’t know, the smoke clouds in Riot’s fps totally block out the area and leave no room for any other thing. Zool tested out a few smoke grenades and they completely blocked the placement of the bots. Furthermore, the modder also used a Molotov and revealed that there was no glow inside the cloud.

While the graphics may look different, Valve should consider introducing something like this in CS:GO. This is because players have been complaining about it for a long time now, and its time they do something about it. If they cannot introduce something exactly like this, they should at least try making some changes to the current smoke system.

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