CS:GO – Some of The Best Cases For 2020


CS:GO is one of the biggest video games in the world. It was released years ago and has managed to attract millions of players. The game recently became the most played game on Steam and is rising continuously. Although it now has a competitor, Valorant, the game is still going strong.

Just like many other multiplayer games out there, CS:GO is also filled with different cosmetic items. Players can use skins to customize their weapons and even their agents. These skins can be purchase from the marketplace or from different communities. The most interesting thing about them is that their price can go up to $40,000.

Best CS:GO Cases in 2020

One of the best ways to get skins in the game is by trying your luck in cases. These cases are filled with valuable skins and if you’re lucky enough, you might get your hands on an expensive one. At the moment, there are many types of cases available in the Steam market and all of them offer a different set of skins. Considering some players find it confusing to choose the right one, we are going to mention some of the best cases.

Shattered Web Case


The Shattered Web case is without any doubt, one of the best cases available in the market. It was introduced with the Operation Shattered Web update, and players instantly fell in love with it. What most players love about it is that it features some of the best designed and artistic skins in CS:GO. They all have some sort of a graffiti-like design on them, something that is not seen in other skins. The skins offered in the case include:

  • MP5-SD Acid Wash
  • Nova Plume
  • G3SG1 Black Sand
  • R8 Revolver Memento
  • Dual Berettas Balance
  • SCAR-20 Torn
  • M249 Warbird
  • PP-Bizon Embargo
  • AK-47 Rat Rod
  • AUG Arctic Wolf
  • MP7 Neon Ply
  • P2000 Obsidian
  • Tec-9 Decimator
  • SG 553 Colony IV
  • SSG 08 Bloodshot
  • AWP Containment Breach
  • MAC-10 Stalker
  • Exceedingly Rare Mystery Item

Horizon Case


The Horizon Case is yet another amazing case CS:GO players can get. If you’re a fan of neon colors, then you should definitely get this skin. Many players have managed to get their hands on some valuable skins through this case, so you should try your luck too. Following are the skins featured in the Horizon Case:

  • AUG Amber Slipstream
  • Dual Berettas Shred
  • Glock-18 Warhawk
  • MP9 Capillary
  • P90 Traction
  • R8 Revolver Survivalist
  • Tec-9 Snek-9
  • CZ75-Auto Eco
  • G3SG1 High Seas
  • Nova Toy Soldier
  • MP7 Powercore
  • M4A1-S Nightmare
  • Sawed-Off Devourer
  • FAMAS Eye of Athena
  • AK-47 Neon Rider
  • Desert Eagle Code Red
  • Exceedingly Rare Special Item

Danger Zone Case


The third and final case we’d like to mention on our list is the Danger Zone case. For those who don’t know, the Danger Zone update was one of the biggest updates in CS:GO’s history. Along with introducing the battle royale mode, it also introduced many amazing skins. The Danger Zone case includes the following skins:

  • MP9 | Modest Threat
  • Glock-18 | Oxide Blaze
  • Nova | Wood Fired
  • M4A4 | Magnesium
  • Sawed-Off | Black Sand
  • SG 553 | Danger Close
  • Tec-9 | Fubar
  • G3SG1 | Scavenger
  • Galil AR | Signal
  • MAC-10 | Pipe Down
  • P250 | Nevermore
  • USP-S | Flashback
  • UMP-45 | Momentum
  • Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries
  • MP5-SD | Phosphor
  • AK-47 | Asiimov
  • AWP | Neo-Noir
  • Exceedingly Rare Special Item

These were some of the best CS:GO cases to open in 2020. We hope that you manage to get your hands on some amazing skins through them. Also, make sure to check out why Valve should copy a feature from Valorant.

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