CSGO pro Dosia banned from Twitch


As the wave of allegations in esports came to rest, Twitch and other streaming websites have made their rules stricter than ever. Streamers are now well aware of the situation and try not to cross any lines during their streams. As of present, a CSGO professional Dosia received a temporary ban from Twitch as he said something offending to the community. Mikhail “Dosia” Stotyarov received a temporary ban for one week.

Dosia’s General Behavior

Dosia has always been seen playing aggressively and passing insulting remarks to the opponents. While Twitch never noticed any violation from the pro, this time he receives a one week ban. The player uses Russian taunts and slang to insult the enemies and due to Twitch tightening the rules, he faced the consequences. 

What actually happened?

During his live stream, Dosia was seen using the word “Pidor”, that translates into the word gay or homosexual. This kind of remark offended the community. Twitch decided to punish the streamer as many other cases are coming upfront every single day. 

Dosia’s response

The professional tweeted about his ban from Twitch himself. His tweet said that he got banned from twitch and he is in extreme shock. The player seemed shocked as he has been using a similar vocabulary since the beginning.  Apart from that, Dosia didn’t post about the possible reason he received the ban from Twitch. 

Twitch’s Policy

After getting hundreds of cases in the previous month, Twitch has applied much stricter measures to remove the toxicity and harassment from the platform. More players are receiving bans from Twitch for small actions. Some of the streamers are saying that Twitch is on a banning spree as it keeps on banning streamers regardless of their popularity. Twitch clearly states that any streamer who crossed the line regarding toxicity or sexual harassment will receive a ban. The platform will also take necessary actions against these streamers regardless of the number of audiences they bring to the platform or fans they have. 

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People’s reactions

Twitch banning a lot of streamers have saddened millions of fans. A lot of people tweet and share their resented thoughts on Twitch for banning their favorite steamer for a little violation. However, Twitch has not taken these tweets in any account and keeps on removing toxicity from the platform. Besides this, a huge number of the audience also supports Twitch with the tightening of the rules. They believe that removing such streamers from the platform will eradicate the toxicity from the platform and build a more friendly environment. 

If you are a Twitch streamer, you need to be careful more than ever. Twitch has started banning streamers as the wave of allegations started last month. Moreover, the website clearly states that it will keep on doing that until the toxicity is not part of the platform. Dosia will come back on Twitch after one week. We hope that he will be careful with his live streams and definitely work on his remarks he passes during games.

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