CS:GO Players Are Wondering Why The Deagle Has Been Nerfed


While CS:GO might be one of the most popular games in the world, it still has many issues. From time to time, players complain about some weapons either being too week or too strong. There exist some weapons in CS:GO can put other players at a disadvantage. However, some can even put the player himself at a disadvantage. This is why players have mainly requested Valve to introduce buffs and nerfs. But now, it seems like one recent change wasn’t something fans wanted.


CS:GO players are well aware of the fact that Deagle is one of the most difficult weapons to master in the game. This is because it has a high aim-punch. In addition to this, it features a long cooldown for accuracy reset, something which is not seen in other weapons. Despite this, if you do manage to master this weapon, it can become your best friend. The weapon is powerful and can take down an enemy in only a few shots. The best thing about it is that it only costs $700, so it’s not that difficult to get. But even though the weapon was powerful, Valve has still decided to nerf it.

CS:GO Deagle Nerfed

Recently, the developers have introduced a set of buffs to the Deagle. While nerfs are always appreciated by players, this one isn’t. The April 10 patch mentioned that the Deagle’s accuracy has been improved while jumping. In addition to this, the cooldown time for accuracy reset has also been lowered after the player lands. Although these nerfs might not sound big, they have contributed a lot to making the weapon overpowered. This is because it is now pin-point accuracy in mid-air. And for those wondering, you can now use this as a strategy to jump around the map and easily take down your opponent with it.

Soon after the patch was released, players instantly started making clips that showcased how easy it was for them to take down their opponent in mid-air by using the Deagle. The clips pretty much confirm that players are enjoying it more than trick shots. They are jumping from balconies to boxes and are taking their opponents down. While some are enjoying it, others are pretty much disappointed at what Valve has done. One player on Twitter mentioned that he’s surprised the Deagle is getting a buff considering how strong it already was.

Other Changes

At the moment, Valve is yet to talk about whether they will be reverting these changes or not. The Deagle wasn’t the only weapon that was changed through the latest update. The Krieg also finally got nerfed after many debates, some other weapons received a buff.

CS:GO is currently going strong and its player count is also increasing. The same recently managed to cross one million concurrent players for the first time in its history. This is mainly because of the coronavirus outbreak. Countries have requested their citizens to stay inside their homes to prevent the disease from speaking. And as people are now spending more time at home, they are jumping into Valve’s popular title.

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