CS:GO – BruttJ’s Family Is Suing Former Teams For His Death


December 2019 was a difficult month for some CS:GO fans as they witnessed the death of a player. During the mentioned month, Matheus “BruttJ” Quieroz passed away because of some health issues. His death was confirmed by his team Imperial Esports. It came as a shock to everyone as no one expected the CS:GO pro go so soon. He was doing so well in the game, and it was a hard truth to swallow. But now, it seems like the family of the deceased is holding his former team responsible for his death.

CS:GO BruttJ’s Death

BruttJ played for Imperial and was a member of the team’s first roster. Before this, he was a part of the Brazilian team, Reapers. During his time with the team, the former CS:GO pro managed to win the Up Expo Game through which he gained massive popularity. In October 2019, he faced off against Imperial at the CBCS Season 1 finals. This was when Imperial decided to pick him up for their active roster.


During December 2019, Imperial Esports reported that BruttJ was admitted to a hospital in Rio de Janerio. And a few days later, on December 15, the organization confirmed that he has passed away. Many fans were left heartbroken after hearing the news. Even many esports personalities were shocked by this news. BruttJ’s teammates claimed that he was one of the most talented players they had ever seen. Reaper’s coach also mentioned that he was the sweetest boy ever.

His Family Has Filed A Case

Now, a couple of months later, his family has decided to sue his former teams, Imperial Esports and Team Reapers for his death. They have claimed that because of their negligence, BruttJ is no longer alive today. It was previously reported that the player suffered from constant vomiting, severe headaches, and loss of vision after he moved to Team Reaper’s house in August 2019. Not only this, but other teammates also reported feeling nauseous. Some of them claimed that this might have been because of the water supply. A former player mentioned that some players had intestinal problems, but they couldn’t figure out whether it was because of the water or the food.

Later on, after BruttJ moved onto to Imperial in November 2019, these problems continued. The player’s mother claimed that players faced difficulty resting because the team’s house was near a local airport. In addition to this, there was always a shortage of food. While other players moved out after reporting these issues to the management, ButtJ passed away because of them a few days later. Imperial sent around $150 to cover his medical costs and sent another $1000 after his death.

While Imperial has denied all allegations, the lawyer of the family has claimed that they have a lot of evidence to prove the poor condition of the gaming house. In addition to this, they also have evidence that the teams did not provide healthcare to the player and failed to act responsibly when they should’ve. At the moment, there is no exact date for the case. But we’ll know about it soon.

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