CS:GO Became The Most Played Game on Steam in October


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, popularly known as CS:GO, is currently one of the top esports titles in the world. The game was released on August 21, 2012. Since then, it has managed to attract millions of players from all over the world. The game puts two teams against each other, one being the Terrorists and the other being the Counter-Terrorists. Players are able to play in a variety of different modes, such as TDM, Wingman, etc. There is also a CS:GO ranking system, something through which players can know their worth.


On Steam, Dota 2 has always remained the most played and popular game. The MOBA is also regarded as the biggest esports title in the world. The game has always given a tough competition to CS:GO in terms of players. And after getting released, Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds also joined them. These three have dominated the top three places in Steam, with Dota 2 always leading them. However, last month, all of this changed when CS:GO took the lead.

CS:GO Most Played on Steam

For the first time in history, CS:GO became the most played game on Steam last month. The game broke yet another record this year as the data from Steam Charts showed how it managed to beat Dota 2 and PUBG. The game had around 747,937 players while Dota 2 had 739,924 and PUBG had 637,870. Although PUBG was around 100,000 players less, Dota 2 was still really close to CS:GO.

The thing which is important to note here is that CS:GO was around 100,000 players behind PUBG in the month of August. This means that in only two months, it has not only managed to cross PUBG but has also dominated Dota 2. In addition to this, fans will be excited to know that the game also hit its highest average player count between the month of September and October.

Why The Numbers Have Increased

The reason behind why CS:GO’s player count started to increase is the StarLadder Berlin Major tournament that was held in August. After the tournament, the numbers started to increase rapidly. It basically brought casual players back to the game because after watching pro players play, they felt like playing some matches again. In addition to this, CS:GO became free-to-play in December 2018, something which again led to an increase in its players.


Some believe that the number of players also started to increase is the de_cache map. The revamped version of the game’s most iconic maps has been available since October 10. Not only this, but it became available in casual, deathmatch, and scrimmage since October 18. FACEIT and ESEA have also featured this map for competitive play.

This doesn’t stop here as the numbers will keep on growing. Valve has been improving their game from time to time, and they will continue to do so. It has been only a year since the game became free to play, so we can expect to see more players soon. One more thing to keep in mind here is that the game reached a total of 850,485 players in April 2016. So the recent numbers aren’t its highest peak player count.

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