Blast Announces Dota 2 Online Tournament

BLAST Dota 2

BLAST Bounty Hunt has jumped into Dota 2 world and has launched a latest online tournament for the community in Europe. The tournament is going to take place from 9th June to 13th June 2020. The prize pool for the tournament is $145,000. The event is offering a dynamic prize pool that has never happened before in the history of Dota 2. Similarly, during the tournament, the audience will also be rewarded with their prediction game.

BLAST Dota 2 will have some of the top teams from around Europe. Each team will play a round-robin formatted series. Big teams like OG, Team Secret, Nigma, NIP, Alliance, and Team Liquid will compete against each other in the Best of three rounds. All the teams will seed each other and compete in double-elimination bracket rounds to reach the final. Seed 3-6 will join the playoff with the winners and further compete with the seeds 1-2 to get into the finals. Each team joining the tournament starts with a specific prize already in their accounts, though every team will get a chance to perform their best and collect multiple rewards in each game.

Dynamic Prize Pool

BLAST Dota 2 has offered a dynamic prize pool for the first time in any Dota 2 tournament. The main purpose of such a prize pool is to create more excitement in each match. During each game of the tournament, there will be multiple bounties/rewards for each team that they could collect. The teams in seed three will receive a reward of $15,000. Similarly, the teams in seed one and two start at $20,000. There is a total of $45,000 as bounty in BLAST Bounty Hunt. This money could be secured by any team while competing against others. All the teams can secure up to $96,000 togetherly. The tournament has also announced an amazing prize pool for the unbeaten team throughout the series. A total of $51,120 will be given to the team who remains unbeaten.

Audience Prediction Game

As the tournament is online, the people at home can also get a chance to win a reward during the tournament. $5,000 will be kept from the prize pool for the fans to win from home through multiple predictions. Fans can predict any match-winner, important turnaround, or any kind of twists during the games. This feature will help involve the audience even more into the tournament. The tournament will be live on the official YouTube and Twitch page of BLAST.

Additional Rewards

To attract more audiences towards the tournament, BLAST has decided to pick one lucky winner to have their nickname be part of the Bounty name. All the fans will be given a chance to cast a fan vote. One of the fans who cast the vote will be picked randomly by BLAST to get multiple rewards. This is not just all, BLAST has kept some additional bounties that will be announced before the tournament.

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