Team Vitality vs ENCE Prediction & Tips

ESL One - Road to Rio
Team Vitality
W – W – L – W – L
6 May


ESL One - Road to Rio
W – L – L – L – W
victory for Vitality

ENCE is taking on Team Vitality today. I see Team Vitality here as a bigger favorite as the odds suggest for more than just one reason. The first big reason for a Team Vitality victory today is the ZywOo, who is the sharpest player on Team Vitality at the moment. He had a big Match against Fnatic, featuring 94 kills over 3 maps to the game. 94 kills and just 51 deaths, a crazy performance by the first AWP of Team Vitality. If he is hot, next to Shox, I don’t see the struggling ENCE here in a competitive game.

A second big reason for Team Vitality is the map-pool of ENCE, which almost locks their map pick in. While Team Vitality is playing on every map, ENCE is not playing Vertigo and struggling on Nuke with a big losing streak in ESL Events. Next to the struggling games on Nuke, they haven’t good overall stats on Inferno. They have to ban Vertigo, as they do in every Match with the first ban, and this will open up a good map pick for Team Vitality. Overall I think Team Vitality will win in their best form on every map, but they could go a safer way with their pick. They could try to counter ENCE with a Nuke or Inferno pick, or go on Dust2 where they looked so sharply. Things could open up Mirage as the deciding map, if needed, where I see Team Vitality ahead as well.

My Projection:

ENCE ban Vertigo
Team Vitality ban Train

ENCE pick Inferno (Vitality win 16:13)
Team Vitality pick Dust2 (Vitality win 16:11)

ENCE ban Nuke
Team Vitality ban Overpass

Mirage will be the diciding map (if needed)

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