Movistar Riders vs. FaZe Clan Prediction & Tips

cs_summit 6 Online: Europe
Movistar Riders
L – L – L – L – L
1 July


cs_summit 6 Online: Europe
FaZe Clan
L – L – L – L – L
Movistar Riders will win with a +1.5 map handicap (96% profit)

FaZe Clan has climbed to impressive heights since their latest roster changes. NiKo and his squad are now sitting at number 4 in the global rankings. They’ve been there since the middle of June and they hadn’t been seen so high for a long time. The thing that worries me the most at FaZe is the fact that they lost 5 of their last 6 matches. That’s an abysmal record that should make you put things in perspective. When we combine this piece of information with the fact that Riders (ranked 33rd) managed to steal a map from G2 Esports just a few days ago, you immediately reach the conclusion that a bet on Riders with a +1.5 map handicap is definitely worthwhile. It might imply a risk, but that risk is clearly lower than the potential rewards.

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