Mousesports vs G2 Esports Prediction & Tips

ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe
L – W – L – L – W
3 May


ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe
G2 Esports
W – W – L – W – L
Victory for mousesports

There is no question about it, that mousesports is playing a disappointing tournament so far. But this is the last chance for Ropz and Frozen to move on in the tournament. G2 looks more than ready for mouse, they won 3 out of 4 games in the group stage so far. But G2 won only against opponents not linked to the Top 15 in the world so far with Godsent (ranked 16th), Copenhagen Flames (outside of top 30) and the Movistar Riders (outside of top 30). The only loss came against FaZe Clan, where they lost 2:0 with both maps ending in Overtime.

Mousesports is the underdog for a reason after all we saw in the last days but I don’t think they leave this tournament without a “bang”. Frozen already heated up against FaZe Clan in their last match, when he put 24 kills on the statline on Mirage. Mouse love to play against G2, they won 7 out of the last 8 matches against them. The last match was exactly one month ago, and mouse picked up an easy 2:0 in the ESL Pro League against G2. They won 16:11 on Train and 16:9 on Nuke. MVP was Frozen, with 48 kills combined in 2 maps played.

The pressure is on Mousesports, they have to win. After a disappointing start, this is a great game to restart this group stage. My prediction for the game:

G2 is likely to ban overpass again, as they did in every game so far in this tournament as the numberone ban. I would like to see a Mirage Map-pick by mousesports as G2 is here on a 3 game losing streak. Dust2 is a likely pick as well, mouse won against c0ntact 16:2 on Dust 2 with no losses in the tournament so far. Against c0ntact, they played dominant on train as well, but lost here against FaZe and the Movistar Riders. If mouse is going to pick Dust 2, an Mirage ban is likely by G2 with the 2nd ban. In the last 3 matches, mouse banned Nuke with the 2nd ban, but they won dominant on Nuke against mouse one month ago. They could be happy to close it out here, if we going across 3 maps. G2 picked Vertigo against Movistar with their first map pick, and won dominant here. My prediction:

Mousesports 1st Map pick: Dust2

Mouse win 16:12

G2 Esports 1st Map pick: Vertigo

G2 Esports win 16:11

3rd Map: Inferno or Nuke

Mouse win 16:13

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