Gen. G. Esports vs Cloud9 Prediction & Tips

ESL One - Road to Rio
Gen. G. Esports
W – L – W – W – L
8 May


ESL One - Road to Rio
W – L – W – W – W
Over 2,5 Maps (1,90 odd)

Gen. G. Esports will play today against Cloud9 on their Road to Rio, after they defeated Evil Geniuses and eliminated them from the tournament in the group stage. Gen. G. lost one game in the group stage, this game was against Cloud9. After a 16:14 win on Train they go to distance with an 16:9 lose on Nuke. Cloud9 won the deciding map Inferno with 16:9. Gen. G. had games going to distance in 4 out of the last 5, Cloud9 in 5 of the last 6 games. One big reason for that is the Map-Draft. Gen. G. don’t play Overpass, so thats the first locked ban. Cloud9 don’t want to play Mirage in this tournament, it’s another locked ban. Both Team ban the same map over the whole Tournament with their first ban. This is opening up a great first map pick for both teams, they can either counter the opponent or play their number 1 map choice. The map picks are much more valueable in this constellation.

Both Teams come in this game with huge confidence, especially Gen. G. after they beat Evil Geniuses to finnish first on group stage. Cloud9 played a weird game against Team Envy in the first elimination stage, when they lost on their map pick Overpass big time. On Nuke, Cloud9 led by 11:1 on the CT-Side, following a 11 round-win streak by Team Envy. But even then, Cloud9 was able to secure the win with 16:14 on the T-Side of Nuke. The decider was Dust2, and Cloud9 started awful on the T-Side, going down 7:1. A triple “one-deag” from oSee in a partial buy round helped Cloud9 to come back in this one, winning Dust2 16:12.

Automatic, koosta for Gen. G. and Floppy, oSee for Cloud9 are the players to watch. All 4 players stepped up to lead their team to a big “W”.

My projection for the Game: 

I think it’s safe to say  we will see a Train Map pick by Gen. G., which is a great counter. Cloud9 didn’t won a game on Train this tournament in 4 tries so far. Even against Gen. G., they lost on Train. With Overpass and Mirage removed in the first ban round, I expect Cloud9 to pick either Inferno or Nuke. Most likely it will be Inferno, because they won every Inferno game so far in the tournament. With Inferno locked in, Gen. G. will likely ban Nuke in the second ban round, because they didn’t looked good in their last Nuke duel against Cloud9. I think Cloud9 will remove Vertigo, which isn’t a favored map for both teams. No Team has actually a reason to ban Dust2, because they had huge performances here in this Tournament. Dust2 will be the decider!

Gen. G. ban Overpass
Cloud9 ban Mirage

Gen. G. picks Train (Gen. G. win 16:12)
Cloud9 picks Inferno (Cloud9 win 16:11)

Gen. G. ban Nuke
Cloud9 ban Vertigo

Dust2 will be the decider (Gen. G. win 19:17 after OT)

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