Fnatic vs Ninjas in Pyjamas Prediction & Tips

ESL One - Road to Rio
W – L – W – L – W
9 May


ESL One - Road to Rio
Ninjas in Pyjamas
W – W – L – W – W
Fnatic win (1,55 odd)

This will be a thrilling match today between Fnatic and NiP. Fnatic played NiP 5 times in since 2019, and won all 5 games. The last Match was just 3 weeks ago in the ESL Pro League, where Fnatic took away a 2:1 win. For the swedish Team this is a must win Situation, a loss would eliminate the ESL Pro League Champion 2020 from the Road to Rio.

Fnatic is not playing Vertigo in this Tournament, this is an almost safe lock as the first ban. The problem for Fnatic, this will open up Overpass for NiP, the Map they won just 3 weeks ago huge against Fnatic, with an final score of 16:2. It was the biggest defeat for Fnatic on Overpass (tied with a 16:2 loss against G2 Esports). In this tournament, Fnatic won 2 out of 3 map picks on Overpass, one of them against Astralis. On both wins, Overpass was the deciding map. The only loss on Overpass came against Dignitas and it was a Fnatic Map pick. It is safe to say, this 2:16 loss against NiP 3 weeks ago was just an exception.

NiP will most likely ban Dust2 with the first map ban, as they did it in every single game so far. This will open up Train or Inferno for Fnatic, where they played great in this Tournament. On Inferno, Fnatic got 2 wins out of 3 and the only loss came against Astralis after Overtime, on Train, Fnatic is 2 of 2 with wins over Dignitas and Astralis. While NiP is playing really well on Train as well with 3 wins out of 3 games, I think Inferno is the pick for Fnatic. 3 weeks ago, Mirage and Train (both 16:5) were the winning maps for Fnatic.

With the circumstances and the pressure on Fnatic, after a big 2:0 win against Complexity and a great performance by JW and Brollan, I go with Fnatic. The swedes dominated all of the last games against NiP, and they need this win today more than NiP. If Astralis wins against ENCE, and this is really likely, NiP is locked in in the second place and is playing for nothing today.


Fnatic ban Vertigo
NiP ban Dust2

Fnatic picks Inferno (Fnatic win 16:12)
NiP picks Overpass (NiP win 19:17 after OT)

Fnatic ban Train
NiP ban Mirage

Nuke will be the decider (Fnatic win 16:12)

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