Apex Legends Top Characters To Choose

Apex Legends Top Characters

Apex Legends is the first battle royale game to feature the concept of legends. These legends are basically the playable characters of the game. While there were many legends available in the game to choose from, Respawn has been adding new ones from time to time. All three seasons of the game have added a total of three new legends to the game. And more will get added in the future.

With so many characters to choose from, players often get confused. Today, we are going to talk about some of the best legends that you should choose.


The first legend on our list is Wraith. This legend instantly gained popularity due to her running style that resembles that of Naruto Run. Although she might appear to be cute, Wraith is a deadly legend who can take down enemies quickly. She has some amazing abilities that can help her survive in the world of Apex Legends. She has an ability called Into the Void that allows her to disappear for a few seconds. This basically allows her to avoid all kinds of damage for a few seconds. She has another ability that allows her to create a portal through which she and her teammates can pass through easily. The portal lasts for some seconds, enough for you to use it for your desired purpose.

Apex Legends Season 4


The second legend we would like to mention is Pathfinder. This legend is actually a robot and a really sweet one. However, although he might appear as a friendly robot, Pathfinder can become the worst nightmare of his opponents. He has an ability through which he can instantly launch a grapple to either escape hectic situations or reach the top of a building quickly. He can also deploy a zipline to a really far distance so that he and his teammates can reach a difficult location easily.


The third legend on our list is Bangalore. This legend is a female professional solider who knows thick and thin about combat. Respawn has designed her in such a way that she can take down even the strongest enemies. The best thing about her is that she can run faster when someone starts firing at her. She has an ability through which she can create a smoke screen, something which no other legend or equipment in Apex can. In addition to this, she can also call an air strike on a specific location to create havoc for a few seconds.


Apex Legends Top Characters

The fourth and final legend we would like to mention is Mirage. This legend is a master of tricks as he can create clones of himself. During a battle, you can send out a clone of him to a specific location and your enemies will start firing at him. In the meantime, you can escape from a different location. He can also disappear for a few seconds while leaving many clones of him behind. This makes it difficult for other players to detect his exact location.

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