Apex Legends Season 4: Is Forge Really Dead?

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Players are gearing up for the upcoming Apex Legends season 4. The next season is going to be an amazing one as it is going to feature some exciting new content. Included in this content is going to be a new character Forge. But recently, something strange has happened with this new character.

Apex Legends players have always remained hungry for new content. They have always eagerly waited to see new characters. The sad part is that since the game’s debut, developer Respawn has only added three new legends in their game. They have developed a habit of adding only one character with every season.

Apex Legends Season 4

Now that we’re entering a new season, players are excited to try out the next legend. However, the developers have left everyone confused with something. A few days back, they confirmed that Forge is going to be the next legend of Apex. This happened during a devstream. It also cleared up a lot of rumors that were claiming that Revenant is going to be the next character. But now, it seems like it will happen after all.

Respawn’s New Apex Legends Season 4 Teaser

Recently, during a teaser that was meant to get fans excited for Apex Legends season 4, Respawn decided to do something unusual. During the teaser, the new character Forge giving an interview on a television show. However, during the interview, just when the host was about to ask him some exciting questions, the studio’s lights starting to flicker. The scene then switched to Forge and he was stabbed by the Revenant.

Shortly after this incident, Respawn quickly updated the season four page on their website and grayed out the image of Forge. The caption under his image says “RIP Jimmie ‘Forge” McCormic.” In addition to this, a new mysterious legend as been added as one of the new features that will arrive with the update. This new mysterious legend is believed to be the Revenant. However, fans are coming up with their own theories that Forge isn’t actually dead.


Is Forge Really Dead?

Shortly after the teaser was released, some fans started posting on the Apex’s subreddit where they claimed that Forge isn’t dead. One picture that instantly caught the attention of everyone suggests that the Forge who was killed was actually an impostor. His weapon charm that can be found in the game also reveals that Forge was “often imitated but never defeated.”

Triple bamboozle inbound. from apexlegends

In addition to this, there is something else which seems really odd. The Forge that was in the trailer had a scar on his eyebrow, no scars on his arms, and had brow eyes. However, the concept art of Forge that was released by Respawn itself reveals that he has no scar on his eyes, has several scars on his right arm, and has green eyes. This pretty much confirms that the Forge in the interview was an impostor.

In any case, all we can do is wait and see whether Forge is actually going to appear in the next season or not. Apex Legends season 4 goes live on February 4.

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