Apex Legends Season 3: Here’s What You Can Expect From It

Apex Legends Season 3

Apex Legends season 3 will go live after a few weeks, and almost every player is eagerly waiting for it to arrive. Season 2 was released at the start of July. It took the game to a whole new level. EA’s CEO even claimed that season 2 helped them with increasing the player base of the game. They started seeing more daily as well as weekly players shortly after it went live. This is the very reason why they are going to make season 3 much bigger and better than the current one.

Apex Legends Season 3

Since the past few weeks, many reports and speculations about what can happen in Apex Legends season 3 have surfaced. Some of them hint a new possible character, while others simply tell about new weapons and new game modes. So without any further due, here’s what you can expect from the upcoming season.

Apex Legends Season 3 Name and Battle Pass

A popular data miner That1MiningGuy recently discovered through the game’s files that season 3 will be called Fire and Ice. He also managed to find some interesting details about the battle pass. According to him, players will get the luxury of jumping directly to tier 25 by purchasing a bundle. In addition to this, the battle pass will feature enough crafting metal for two legendary cosmetics. This means that Respawn has decided to further improve the battle pass. Season 1’s battle pass was heavily criticized for being poor. Respawn then listened to the feedback provided by players, and featured an improved version of the battle pass in season 2.

Crypto Will Arrive

Many data miners have discovered that fans will get to see a new character in Apex Legends season 3. Although everyone already knew that Respawn Entertainment is going to feature a new character with the next season, the data miners have even managed to discover who it will be. It is currently believed that Crypto is going to be the newest addition to the game’s list of Legends. For those who don’t know, Crypto is the guy who destroyed the Repulsor Tower.

Apex Legends Season 3

At first, many thought that he will arrive in season 2, but that will not happen. Crypto’s abilities also got leaked, which revealed that he will use a drone on the battlefield. By using his abilities, he will be able to scout for enemies, open locked doors, and even charge an EMP blast.

New Game Mode and Weapons

Apex Legends players will also get to see some new modes in season 3. The Player vs Environment (PvE) mode was leaked a few weeks ago and it is confirmed to arrive in the upcoming season. This mode will allow players to complete various tasks that will feature various opponents including AI-controlled Titans and creatures. There will be even a mission in which we will have to slay the Goliath.

Aside from all this, players can also expect to see some new weapons in season 3. Data miners recently found some files that revealed a Designated Marksman Rifle and Volt Submachine Gun. These two weapons will get added to the game with Apex Legends season 3.

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