Apex Legends’ New Teaser Confirms Death of 3 More Hammond Robotics Employees

Apex Legends

February is almost here, meaning that Apex Legends players will soon get to enjoy a brand new season. That’s right, season 4 is currently scheduled to go live during the first week of February, and players just can’t wait for it to arrive. Every player knows that developer Respawn has a habit of building the hype for a new season through various teasers. However, this time, we’re seeing some unusual.

During the past few days, Respawn has released a series of new teasers. These teasers are linked with the things that are going to take place in season 4. During the first teaser, the developers left everyone surprised after they killed the character who was confirmed to arrive in the next season.

During the teaser, Forge was giving an interview to a television host. In the middle of the the interview, the lights started fluctuating, and the host got terrified. However, the camera then switch to Forge and the Revenant was behind him. Within seconds, Revenant stabbed the legend who was scheduled to arrive with the next update.

Apex Legends Season 4 New Teaser

The gruesome murder of Hyperfighting Federation champion Jimmie “Forge” McCormic left everyone confused regarding what is happening. And just when everyone thought that it is finally over, Respawn decided to drop another teaser.

The new teaser claims that some employees of Hammond Robotics have disappeared suddenly with no trace. In actual words, 3 Hammond Robotics employees failed to show for work today. The teaser further added that while little is known about the presumed missing employees, they have gotten the same corrupted data as before. The teaser was shared on the Apex’s official Twitter account, that has been temporarily named as “Outlands TV.”

Revenant Is Behind The Attack

The filed that is posted in the tweet shows a robotic hand in multiple positions. This hand is currently believed to be of Revenant. Its fingers are flexible and are close to an angle of 180 degrees. This is the exact same description of Revenant’s hand. This means that the robotic legend was once behind a brutal attack.

Apex Legends

One thing to keep in mind here is that this isn’t the first assault of Revenant on Hammond Robotics. The robot seems to have a grudge against the company as he has been slowly targeting its employees. The recent murder of Forge also confirmed that the robotic legend is planning to bring the whole company down.

Forge Might Be Alive

Some fans also believe that Forge isn’t actually dead. A picture on Reddit came to the surface which revealed that the Forge in the teaser was actually an impostor. The impostor had a scar on his eye, had no scars on his arms, and had brown eyes. However, the Forge from Respawn’s concept art had no scar on his eye but several of them on his arm. In addition to this, the concept one also had green eyes.

In any case, everyone is confused with what is going on. The next season is currently scheduled to go live on February 4. However, fans can expect to see more teasers during the next few days.

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