Apex Legends New Armed and Dangerous Game Modes Goes Live on Sep 3

Apex Legends players recently got the chance to enjoy the Iron Crown event. The event featured some exciting challenges through which players were able to earn various rewards. And now, although the mentioned event ended a few days ago, Respawn has another event lined up for the upcoming weeks. And just like the previous event, fans will get to enjoy a limited-time mode in the upcoming event.

New Limited-Time Mode

The limited-time mode is Armed and Dangerous. This event is going to focus on reducing the amount of loot found in Kings Canyon. Basically, the amount of general loot is going to be reduced, and only two specific types of weapons will be available. Besides Snipers and Shotguns, you won’t be able to use any weapons in this mode. As for Snipers, the Triple Take, G7 Scout, Longbow, and Kraber will be available. On the other hand, Shotgun lovers will be able to use the Peacekeeper, Mozambique, EVA-8 Auto, and Mastiff.

Apex Legends

Respawn has described Armed and Dangerous as a mode where loot will be much harder to come by. At the moment, we currently don’t know whether the mode will feature care packages or not. If they will continue to drop, then the Kraber and Mastiff will be available through them only. However, if Respawn disables them during the limited-time mode, then you will be able to find them on the floor or in supply bins.

The developers are also yet to confirm whether the Solo mode will make a return for Armed and Dangerous or not. Although we will most likely get to see the Trio Mode, Respawn might introduce the Solo mode again considering it was a success during the Iron Crown event. In fact, some players started playing Apex Legends again only because of the Solo Mode. If the developers decide to bring it back, then they might even attract some more players.

The Voidwalker Event

The Voidwalker event is going to focuses solely on Wraith. When the event goes live, fans will get to see a new area that will be based on the said Legend. The new area is basically a facility called “Project: Wraith.” It consists of a portal through which players will launch into the sky to skydive to a new location. This will be somewhat similar to what happens when you climb on a Baloon, but you will most likely reach a little far through the portal.

In addition to this, Respawn is going to introduce some new items during the Voidwalker event. These items will be event-exclusive and you will only get this one chance to get them. The main highlight of the event is going to be the Voidwalker skin for Wraith. The skin features a white and black bodysuit along with a purple helmet. Players will be able to directly purchase this skin from the in-game store.

The Voidwalker event will go live on September 3 and will end on September 17.  Make sure to get the most out of it before it ends.

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