Apex Legends Leaked Legends And Their Abilities

Apex Legends Season 4

With Apex Legends season 4 around the corner, players are excited to try out a new legend. There are even reports claiming that the next season will feature more than one character. If this is the case, then we will get to see a new legend other than the Revenant. So without any further due, leaks take a lot at some Apex Legends leaked legends along with their abilities.

Apex Legends Leaked Legends

The Revenant

The Apex Legends season 4 launch trailer confirmed that the Revenant is going to be the next legend of season 4. This new legend was also leaked through the game’s files some time ago. This is also the very legend who made an appearance in the game during the Shadowfall LTM. For those wondering why this legend is on the list when he has already been confirmed, well his abilities are yet to be officially confirmed.

Apex Legends Leaked Legends

However, data miners found out his abilities to after discovering him in the game’s files. The evil robot is going to have two stances and each one is going to have different abilities. His leaked abilities include:

  • Infiltrator – Walk faster while crouched and climb walls higher.
  • Mark for Death – Fire a poison dagger.
  • Death Recall – Bring your dead teammates back to life.
  • Poison Bomb – Fire a poison bomb.
  • Silence – Throw a device to disable the abilities of enemies for 10 seconds.


The second legend that we would like to mention is Rosie. This new legend made an appearance in the launch trailer of season 4 too. However, not many people recognized her since she was just a little girl in the trailer. Rosie is the daughter of the thief that was killed by the Revenant. She can be seen at the end of the trailer sitting besides the dead body of her father. The trailer focused on an incident that took place 25 years ago, meaning that Rosie will be in her 30’s in the present time.

At the moment, it is believed that Rosie will enter the Apex Games under the name “Loba.” her abilities include:

  • Eye for quality: Allows her to see nearby loot through walls.
  • Supply for Demand: Allows her to see specific type of loot through walls.
  • Burglar’s best friend: Teleport to a location by throwing a disc.
  • Black Market Boutique: Deploys a device that steals nearby loot.


Apex Legends Leaked Legends

The third legend that might appear in Apex Legends season 4 is Forge. Although he was confirmed during the third devstream, something odd happened afterwards. During one of the teasers of season 4, Forge was giving an interview during which he was brutally stabbed by the Revenant. This kind of confirmed that Forge is dead and the evil robot is now going to be the next playable legend. However, considering some people think that the dead Forge was an impostor, anything can happen. All we can do is wait for season 4 to arrive to see whether he is actually alive or not.

These were some of Apex Legends leaked legends. We will add more soon.

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