Apex Legends: Crypto’s Drone Footage Revealed

Crypto's Drone

Apex Legends data miner had a really amazing time during the past few weeks. At first, they were able to discover some new information through the Iron Crown’s patch. And now, it seems like the Voidwalker event has treated them in the same way. This time, they have managed to find some interesting things related to Crypto’s drone. For those who don’t know, Crypto is the character who is expected to get added to the game through season 3.

Crypto's Drone

Crypto’s Drone Footage

A popular data miner who goes by the name Miniguyw decided to do some digging in the game’s files and found Crypto’s drone. By using the found details, he was able to render it in order to let fans see how the Drone would look like. The footage basically shows how the Drone will look like while performing various abilities. These include scouting, surveilling, and an EMP explosion. Through the video below, you can see some of the Drone’s movements when it will be activated, idle, and recalled. In addition to this, we also get to see how it will perform an EMP explosion.

Another popular Apex Legends data miner, That1MiningGuy, was able to create short footage of his own. At first, the footage reveals that Crypto will be able to perform an execution by using his drone. Secondly, it shows how the Drone will look like while performing the finishing move. We must say, the Drone does not look cute at all after how it got into the air just to brutally stab its target.

The Drone Is In Kings Canyon

That1MiningGuy revealed some additional but exciting information about Crypto’s companion. According to him, the Drone might have made its way to Kings Canyon already. This means that you should keep an eye out if you want to spot it. And who knows, maybe you can shot it down too.

Crypto's Drone

Respawn is known for teasing its fans about new content through various methods. Previously, they destroyed the Repulsor Tower prior to season 2. The destruction of the Repulsor Tower was the very reason why various creatures, such as Flyers and Leviathans, entered Kings Canyon. Not only this, but Crypto’s laptop was also found at a location when the tower was destroyed. And now, it seems like the developers have decided to add the Drone to the game.

Crypto’s Abilities

Crypto’s tactical ability is going to be Ariel Drone. This ability will allow him to deploy his Drone in the air through which he will be able to scout the area. The Drone will remain in the air for 40 seconds and it can also be shot down by enemies. His Passive is Neuro Link, thanks to which he and his teammates will be able to detect the location of their enemies. Although the range of this will be only 30-meter, it will still come in handy during heated combat. And finally, his Ultimate Ability is Weapon Drone EMP. As its name suggests, the Drone will charge an EMP blast that will slow down enemies and disable all traps. In addition to this, it will also damage the shield of nearby enemies.

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