Apex Legends Best Weapons To Use

Apex Legends Best Weapons

Apex Legends is the kind of game that allows players to use a wide variety of weapons in the game. From assault rifles to snipers, Apex has it all. These weapons can either become your best friend in the game, or your worst enemy. In addition to this, you also have to choose a weapon that suits your needs.

Controlling weapons in Apex can be quite difficult considering every weapon has its own pattern. Therefore, you have to master a weapon before you can start getting some serious kills with it. Today, we are going to mention some of the best weapons that you can go with in Apex Legends.

R-301 Carbine

Apex Legends Best Weapons

The first weapon we would like to mention is the R-301 Carbine. It is one of the most used weapons in the game because its an all-rounder. It can be deadly in close range combat, and it can also help you get kills at a distance. The best thing about this weapon is that its really easy to use. This means that you don’t have to be a pro in order to use this weapon. Although the weapon can become more deadlier with attachments, you can get many kills with its standard state.


The second weapon we will suggest is the Peacekeeper shotgun. Loved by many, the Peacekeeper can deliver a powerful shot that can take your enemy down within seconds. Although the weapon can be slow at times, it can still help you take down even the strongest enemies. With attachments, the weapon simply becomes unstoppable. Many players claim that the Peacekeeper can be a life-saving weapon during final circle.


Apex Legends Best Weapons

The Spitfire is yet another weapon that can take down enemies easily. This light might gun has a good magazine, and you can even increase it through an extended magazine. Although you might find it difficult to control it at first, the weapon can become your best friend once you get the hang of it. Considering it fires heavy rounds, your enemies will get knocked down before you know it.


In the pistols category, the no weapon is better than the RE45. Although it might not benefit during the later stages of the game, the RE45 can help you survive the early stages. With a couple of attachments, the weapon becomes really fast. The best thing about it is that you can easily control it as it has moderate recoil.


The final weapon we would like to mention on our list is the Kraber. This weapon can be found only though care packages. However, it is the deadliest weapon in the game. This sniper rifle can help you get a kill with a single shot in the head. The only bad thing about this weapon is that you only get a few bullets with it and you can’t find them as loot. This is why you have to make every shot count.

These were some of the best weapons in Apex Legends. We hope that this post will help you choose the right weapon.

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