Apex Legends Best Skins To Choose From

Apex Legends Best Skins

The best thing about battle royale games is that you can customize your character using different cosmetic items. Same is the case with Apex Legends as it allows you to choose from a wide variety of cosmetic items to customize your character. Players can choose from different skins and all of them are unique in their own way.

In Apex, players can acquire skins through different methods. They can purchase them directly from the in-game store through Apex Coins. However, if they cant afford them, then they can simply try their luck with loot boxes. Still, it is not so difficult for players to acquire skins at the early stages of the game. Today, we are going to talk about some of the best skins in Apex Legends that have been in the game from the start.

Officer Williams

Apex Legends Best Skins

The first skin we would like to mention is Officer Williams for Bangalore. Although there are now many skins available in the game for Bangalore, players just love this old one. The skin gives Bangalore black sun glasses to give her a professional soldier look. We must say, she looks absolutely bad ass in this one.

Plague Doctor

The second skin in our list is of Bloodhound. This skin gives the hunter a dark look, something which matches his personality. The skin provides him with a beak, something which has been seen in the masks used during the Plague. After all, the skin is titled as the Plague Doctor. When wearing this, you can create fear in your opponent’s heart from far away. The best thing about this skin is that Bloodhound’s pet raven fits perfectly with it.


Apex Legends Best Skins

Our list would be incomplete without mentioning a skin for the toxic lover. The Blackheart skin of Caustic has been a fan favorite since the game was released in February. The skin gives him a dark look, but with a golden mask. With this skin, you can look absolutely amazing as its a unique one. It perfectly matches the personality of Caustic and this is why fans love it.

The Revenger

We all know that Mirage is a fan of attention, and this skin gives him all of it. The Revenger skin puts him in a yellow suit, and allows his enemies to spot him for far away. However, this skin is really useful to distract your enemies with a decoy because they’ll instantly spot something yellow running in a different direction.


The final skin we would like to mention is of Pathfinder. There are a lot of skins available for this robot in the game, but the Quicksilver one is just amazing. The thing which players love the most about this skin is that it gives the robot the look of the terminator. In short, it makes him look muscular. In any case, it is a skin every path finder

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