An Ultimate Guide on League of Legends Betting

LoL Team Rankings 

In order to understand League of Legends betting, you need to first understand what League of Legends is all about. Well, League of Legends developed by Riot Games, and it is multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA game, which is inspired by Warcraft III Defence of the Ancients. The game was first released in 2018 for macOS and Windows platform, and it quickly becomes most popular MOBA video game because of its colorful 3D graphics, and entertaining gameplay.

The gameplay includes three modes, and in every mode, there are two teams of five players fighting against one another in order to destroy the opponent’s team Nexus i.e. their core defense structure. Plus, all players in the game get a champion having unique traits. During the tournament which generally last for 20 to 60 minutes, the player can unlock new capabilities of their champion and reinforces the existing ones by accomplishing the experience and defeating rivals.

eSports Betting on Lol Tournaments

League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the main eSports, with various international tournaments and matches taking place on a regular basis. The largest and biggest tournaments or matches are sponsored as well as organized by the Riot Games, who is the developer of Lol. The largest tournaments are World Championship or Lol Worlds and Championship Series.

Amazingly, the prize at Lol Wolds reaches almost $1,000,000, and a total sixteen teams fight for the title. Besides this, there are also other tournaments that also offer fascinating prizes. This is one of the reasons why more and more eSports fans are taking pleasure in League of Legends betting.

How to Choose the Right League of Legends Betting Site?

At present, there are a lot of eSports betting sites or bookmakers available on the internet, and most of them offer you to bet on Lol. As there are many options out there, and that’s why it has become a quite difficult task to choose the right one. More importantly, picking the right bookmaker is more crucial than making precise predictions on Lol gameplay.

Choosing a good and reliable Lol batting platform is your first step into the eSports world. While looking for Lol betting site online, consider the below factors to end up picking the right one:

  • Reputation

If you are going to invest your money, then you must make sure that Lol betting site has a good reputation in the betting industry. The best way to have an idea about the site reputation is by reading online reviews. You can visit the site, and look for its regulations, and licenses.

  • Odds

Every bookmaker has their own approaches on how to determine matchups and predictions. Choose a Lol betting site that provides you with the most generous offer.

  • Customer Support

There is no doubt that unexpected situations happen. However, there is nothing worse than having bad customer support when you are in a much bigger problem while using the eSports betting site. A reliable and good Lol betting platform offer various contact options to customers for resolving their problems and queries. These options are from live chat to phone line to FAQ section.

What if you still have no idea where you should start? Then, below are some top League of Legends betting sites you can prefer:

  • Betway
  • Bet365
  • ArcaneBet
  • Unibet
  • Bethard
  • 10Bet
  • Bovada

How to Place a Bet on League of Legends?

As a booming eSports, Lol has several betting markets. If you are looking to make a great profit via Lol betting predictions, then it is a good thing to understand them.

Below are Lol betting markets you need to know:

  • Lol tournament winner betting

If you have ever opened the Lol Twitch tab, then you probably know that there are a lot of Lol tournaments going across the world. There are many events, such as LPL, LCK, Worlds, and many more you can explore.

A reliable Lol betting website will provide you with an option to bet on the winners of these matches or tournaments. Generally, the sooner you make this wager, the better will be odds.

  • Lol correct score betting

Predicting the right score is a variation of the prior bet. Keep in mind that this isn’t appropriate if you are wagering on NA/EU LCS regular season as these tournaments follow the format of Bo1. However, once you are able to step into the playoffs territory, you can wager on the exact result of any provided series. Here, the risks will be higher, but odds too.

  • Lol handicap betting

Here, you are wagering on the tournament winner, however, the team you are picking has a count of wins subtracted or added to its scoreline.

  • Lol maps total under/over betting

Even after using all Lol betting tips, it might be difficult for you to make accurate predictions about the winner. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it at all. The map under/over bet is the ultimate solution in such cases.

League of Legends Live Betting

You can improve your gameplay experience with Lol live betting. However, all bookmakers or League of Legends betting sites do provide this offer, but if they, then you can make a remarkable profile with Lol live betting.

How to Choose Your Lol Tournament

There are tons of tournaments or matches to follow. But, if you truly want to have the great advantage of your betting predictions, then you have an idea about which events you should wager on. In short, it is always best to wager on the competition you have the proper knowledge. It is all because of the deep insight you have, the higher chances to make a great profit.

The Final Verdict

We hope that our guide helps you to have some idea about League of Legends betting, and how it works.  At first, it may seem you to like Lol betting isn’t for newcomers or beginners. However, once you step into it, you are sure to end up finding countless opportunities to make a profit.

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